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War heute im Kino, zu gleich zwei Filmen die mich sehr berührt haben! Beiträge dazu folgen in den nächsten Tagen. Ansonsten erstmal der recht kurze Beitrag zu Nara, dem letzten aus meiner dreiwöchigen Urlaubszeit. So denn, ran ans Werk und lesen!

English Version:

It took a bit of time, until I was able to do write this blog post (quite some bit of work to do right now, which is a good thing! :D), but finally I’ll present you an update, even if it is a rather short one.
However. Together with my friend and her daughter we did a short trip to Nara, from Kyoto coming. It took around 40 minutes by train if I remember correctly. In Nara, it takes another 20 minutes to walk to the entrance/beginning of the big Nara Park which is one of the major attractions down there. The way is rather easy. Just follow the shopping road, all the way down and you’ll meet your destinantion eventually. The weather was hot as usual and while my friends spent some time in an owl-café, I did buy myself a parfait and cooled down a little.
Reunited again, we arrived at the Nara Park where we encountered heaps of wild deer. The Nara Park itself is no Forest or any kind of wilderness reservoir, but a park in the classical sense. Nevertheless are the deer down there native and pretty much patible. They don’t fear the humans at all, and let themselves be fed by them. You may buy a pack of deer cookies for 100 Yen, to be able to snap a good shot for your family album, or rather walk on by (even in the middle of the way, deer are lying around, not bothered the slightiest bit) to the main attraction of Nara, the big pagoda including the biggest buddha statue of Japan (with 16 m in height if I remember correctly). What a sight! Seriously! Though I’m not quite sure, what Siddharta would have said, if he would know about all this splendor and pomp. It was worth the experience for a tourist, but for a serious buddhistic monk it’s probably not the right spot, especially with these many tourists around.

After that, we spent some more time inside the Nara Park and walked around, partly so that the kiddie was able to clamor around and partly to kill some time until our nightbus to Nagasaki would depart.
Aside of the mentioned stuff, nothing worth mentioning did happen. Some nice pictures to be seen in here, if you like. The next post will cover the One Piece Tokyo Tower I guess, though I’m not sure when I get some time to visit it.


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