Kirishima Part II and a journey to Nagasaki!

Deutsche Version:

Nun befindet sich auch der zweite, etwas umfangreichere Teil der Kirishima Reise online, welcher hier samt wundervollen Bilder eingesehen werden kann. Wie im letzten Beitrag geschrieben wird es in Zukunft kompaktere Beiträge geben. Ursprünglich plante ich drei Beiträge für Nagasaki, werde jetzt aber alles auf einen zusammenschrumpfen und mich auf das wesentliche konzentrieren. Bloggen macht spass, aber nicht wenn es in Stress ausartet. Für einen deutschen Beitrag brauche ich im Schnitt 1,5 bis 2h, inklusive Bilder komprimieren, hochladen und nochmal korrekturlesen am Ende.
Dazu kommt dann noch der englische Beitrag, welcher ja seit jeher nur eine eigens geschriebene Zusammenfassung der deutschen Version darstellt, aber dennoch gut eine Stunde Zeit in Anspruch nimmt. Früher habe ich beides hintereinander verfasst, aber mittlerweile stelle ich den deutschen Beitrag ein bis zwei Tage früher online und kümmere mich dann um den englischen Beitrag.

Ferner denke ich, dass man nicht alles, bis ins kleinste Detail veröffentlichen muss, sondern nebem dem groben Fahrplan auch die wichtigstens Sachen. Dennoch ist mein Anspruch natürlich die von mir erzeugte Qualität der Beiträge hochzuhalten und das geht nur wenn ich weniger Stress fühle unbedingt was zu schreiben. In erster Linie mach ich es eh weil es mir spass macht und das soll es auch weiterhin. Ich denke dass man das durch meinen Schreibstil in den meisten Beiträgen auch sehen kann.

Nagasaki wird dann noch wahrscheinlich vor meiner Abfahrt hier am Freitag folgen (allerdings ohne Gewähr), dann bin ich up to date und kann mich neuem widmen. Ich sage schonmal voraus dass es ein sehr langer Beitrag werden wird, vermutlich um die 3000 Wörter, samt vielen Bildern =).

English Version:

Time to leave the Jinguu Shrine in Kirishima for some new adventure! It was a monday morning when I wanted to move on, and I tried to hitchhike. The area around Kirishima is very remote and even buses do not go regularly. Plus, did I want to save money and trying to do more hitchhiking. Unfortunately there was not much traffic around, because the weekend tourists are gone by sunday^^. But nevertheless did it work out and I was picked up to Maruo, around 10 minutes by car to the east. Maruo is the gateway to the volcanic landscape of Kirishima and by any means bigger than Kirishmia Jinguu, but still very small =). At least they had a supermarket and a conbini!
I could also do some camping, finally! And had to follow the road down south for about 2 km until I reached the local 7/11 from where the campsite was located to the left hand side. 730 Yen per Night was a good deal, plus the guarantee to use the Sento for free too, which is directly behind the main building. It is very clean and relxing and the generel Admission Fee would be 200 Yen which is aroughly 1,60 Euro. Incredibly cheap =).

Because the day was still young and I had plenty of time, I decided to pay a visit to the local volacanoes. There are some smaller hikes, from wichs top one has an awesome view around the surrounding landscapes, the Kinko Bay and if you’re lucky, even Mt. Sakurajima. As I was fortunate, I could actually see the volcano, despite the fact that it hid it’s true beauty behind a vale of smog/fog. It was quite dizzy in the far distant.
I hitchhiked again to the beginning of the trail, because public transportation is really limited there. 3 Buses a day in a 3 hour interval… You couldn’t walk either, cause the road is quite narrow and there is no sidewalk or anythnig that would justify your attempt. However was I lucky again and was picked up after approximately 10 minutes. It was a nice day, a bit windy though, but pretty hot too. The ascending to the crater rim of Oonami Pond (a crater Lake) took me 20 minutes, and from up there I had a really beautiful view about the dark blue of the lake and the incredible vivid and deep green of the surrounding vegetation! A mindflash. Just had to rest a bit and enjoy the silence =).
There is a walk around the rim which ist about 6,4 km long. After about half, one can decide to get up the neighbouring Karakunidake, the highest volcano in Kirishima (around 1.700 m above sea level), which shall take around an hour. I decided against it. My Water supply was limited and I wasn’t sure if I should stay too long, in regards of hitchhiking back to Maruo^^. So I walked around the crater with occasional stops to enjoy the view and also the Miyama Kirishima Azalea Flowers which came in pinkish, reddish and violet colors and brought some other hues to the nature there. By the way are these flowers one of the main attractions in Kirishima during spring and early summer! Especially in Ebino.
From the east side of the rim, I could get a glance over to Mt. Shinmoedake, which is still closed off, due to it’s activity back in 2011. After my return to the campsite than, I was hungry like hell and went to the supermarket and after dinner went to the Sento to wash the hardships of the day away =).

The next day was supposed to be a quite one and it also left me alone on the campsite, which was nice :D. For the third day I planned to meet up with another German but unfortunately he became sick. The weather was changing for the worse too, so that made it another unused day^^. For the next one I wanted to got to Nagasaki because I had a wwoofing commitment for a Hostel for the next two weeks. So I made my way up north and tried to hitchhike which became impossible at that day. I was forced to take a Bus but unfortunately there was a misunderstanding. I intended to go to Ebino City, somewhat north of Kirishima, to catch a local train to Kumamoto, but instead the bus just got me to the Ebino plains, which is roughly 20 minutes by car, south of the city. The worst thing: there is absolutely no public transportation! I was stuck there, after about half an hour ride with the bus… I camped and asked with the local ECO Museum Center how I could possibly get out of there, and one of the workers commited voluntarily to ride me to Ebino on the next day! Once again was I amazed by the japanese people! With rest in my mind, I could concnentrate on a walk around some other crater lakes and enjoy the nature. From there on I had a spectacular view for Karakunidake, which once exploded and destroyed some part of it’s crater wall, similar to the Mt. St. Helens in the US, just not as strong^^.

With the next day, my ride was set for 8:10 am and of course – as it’s a habit of Germans – I was on time =). 20 minutes later I stood in front of the train station and wanted to give my driver 1.000 Yen as a token of my gratitude which he didn’t take.
From there on, I took the local train to Kumamoto which took about 2 hours and in Kumamoto the Bus (which departs in front of the Train station, on the other side of the road), down to the ferry Terminal, a 30 min. ride. Arriving there I could choose between two ferry companies, the ocean arrow, which takes 30 minutes to cross to Shimabara Penninsula, and takes 1.000 Yen for simple passengers, or the Kyushu Ferry company which takes 1 hour to cross and charges just 780 Yen. I chose the first one, just because it took off earlier than the other one. The ride was rather smooth, but also boring. The view was, thanks to smog or whatever I should call it, not existent. Arriving in Shimabara a Bus drove me to the next biggest city (Isahaya) and took around 100 minutes for 60 bloody km… Really annoying. The last step was to take the train which took another 50 minutes to Nagasaki City. The weather become more and more cloudy. For under 500 Yen did I depart from Isahaya and upon arriving in Nagasaki through a first glance around the city. It didn’t really catch my interest but it was just the first impression and I wanted to wait for better weather to cut my final judgement. Within the next post you’ll be able to read that :D.

Getting out of the train station I had to keep right, and go the main road down to the Casa Noda Hostel on a 5 minute walk. Easy done and I was already awaited! What happend to me in Nagasaki for the next two weeks, might be revealed within the next days =). Pictures of Kirishima are linked above, within the German Version.


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