Kirishima die Erste!

Deutsche Version:

Nummer 1 ist online, Nummer zwei folgt Montag oder Dienstag. Es geht Schlag auf Schlag Kinder! Dazu hab ich noch ein update im Essensbereich gemacht, diesmal mit einer Spezialität aus Nagasaki, dem Chanpon! Danach fehlt nur noch die Udon-Suppe erstaunlicherweise habe ich jene zuerst probiert als ich in Japan ankam :D. Anschließend gehts dann mit Fleischgerichten weiter^^.

English Version:

After my return from Yakushima I spent another 2 nights in Kagoshima because I was in need to wash my clothes, which were almost all used up^^.
I didn’t know much about Kirishima (which lies about 40 km north of Kagoshima) so I searched the Internet for Information, but unfortunately the ones I hoped to find, were rather scarce. So I decided to just go for it and see what happens, which is usually totally unlike me^^. I got into the next train and went to the Kirishima Jinguu Station, apparently the only station with ‚Kirishima‘ in its name. As I found a shematic map on the Internet the city should be located slightly west of it. But as I arrived there I was rather puzzled because it all looked different than I imagined it to be. It was just a small town and definetly didn’t feel like it was the City of Kirishima. Still confused I asked a Man I met on the roadside, if he knows a campsite or Hostel nearby. First I wanted to have another look on the internet. He said that the next Hostel is located directly at the Shrine (Jinguu), which is approximately 10 k’s away. Alright, the City was supposed to be close, but 10 k’s to the next hostel is definitely not close at all^^. I think he noticed my confused self and arranged a night at the hostel by calling them and even picked me up to get me there! I was again amazed by the japanese. As we reached the YHA Hostel, I decided to stay for 2 nights and got a private room for around 3.200 Yen a night, which is rather expensive, but therefore I had a room for me alone. They didn’t seem to have dorm-rooms anyway. Plus it was a japanese style one, with Tatami-mats :).

Around that time I finally realized what was wrong with Kirishima. All the time I thought the town to be a city like Kagoshima, a classical City you know. But it is not. It’s more like an agglomerate of some smaller settlements and townships. Hence it does not has a single center, but more than one, depending on where you are^^. Made things clearer and I could chose where to go next in the Kirishima area.

Kirishima is known for it’s volcanic origin and volcanic mountains and crater lakes (one of the volcanoes erupted back in 2011 and is still closed off), thus it’s a place to hike and refresh yourself in an Onsen afterwards. Now, that I were at the Shrine which plays an important role in japanese society, I had a look around and marveled at the beauty of this building. It could be considered as a mere shrine, but somehow, together with the nature around it, I thought it to be really beautiful. Just my impression. Recommended is a walk upon nightfall. By the way is this little place not a town, so it does not provide conbinis or Supermarkets (but a small shop where you one may purchase some snacks or some minor food), therefore some restaurants. So if you want to stay longer (which is usually not necessary) think about bringing some food along.
On my second day I decided to explore the surroundings and widen my radius. Thus I went to the Information Center and got some intel about a walk which started right there and did go along a gorge and a river, which led to basalt columns and a waterfall among others. The columns were most exciting for me hence I paid them a visit and was once more amazed by the beauty of nature. There was even an explanation on how they develop and such. I could even understand, like, around 90% of the japanese, which made me pretty proud of myself^^. A bit further the waterfall came in sight, but wasn’t very impressive. Shortly after this little roundtrip I went back to the Hostel. Pictures are here to be found!

Within the next post I’ll write about some hiking, camping and everything else that occured to me during my time there.


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