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Wie angekündigt folgt nun der Beitrag zu Kagoshima, welcher hier eingesehen werden kann. Dazu gibt es auch ein kleines Video! Was mag das wohl sein?
Morgen gehts dann wie geplant auf nach Yakushima und der Wetterbericht scheint mir sehr gnädig gestimmt zu sein. Zwar gebe ich einen scheiß auf derlei ‚Vorhersagen‘, aber zum orientieren reichts^^. Vielleicht haber ich ja Glück wie dereinst auf Stewart Island in Neuseeland :D. Wie heisst so schön, das Glück ist immer auf der Seite der Narren, hahahaha! Ok, Ernst komm zurück. Man schreibt sich in ner Woche oder so!

English Version:

Kagoshima is a city I wanted to see for quite some time now, since I did a presentation about the Sakurajima, an active volcano which lies directly east to the city and erupts every couple of days. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see it while I was here, which I really hoped for. But apart from this, Kagoshima is a very beautiful city and located among hills and mountains and borders directly at the sea.
As in previous Cities I also tried to find a couch here in Kagoshima, but again, without any fortune :(. But therefore I got my hands on a bed in a very beautiful Hostel! It’s called the Green Guesthouse und ranks among the best Hostels I have ever been in. First of all, the staff is japanese, very nice, about my age, and highly sociable with foreigners. Helpfull all the more. Furthermore is the Hostel very clean, even toilets, bathrooms (which are cleaned every day!), the kitchen and the bed rooms also. I sleep in a 10 bed male dorm, and though I am usually against too many people in a dorm (because it’s too cramped) it is perfectly fine. They even have curtains to enclose your bed and provide some privacy. Nice feature. The night is pretty cheap too, just 1.800 Yen and the location is almost directly at the port, with view onto Sakurajima. It cannot be better!

With some of the Hostels residents I had a small jam right at 1am :D. There is a video about it which can be seen by clicking on the link in the German Version. We had lots of fun and we still stay in contact.

However was the weather in Kagoshima pretty hard. Not just very sultry (with 25°C) but also pretty rainy in the last days. Hence I was spending more time inside than outside the Hostel. But on my last day here, the sun finally found her way through the clouds, so that I could spent the day exploring the surroundings. My way led me to Shirayama, from where one has an awesome view around the town and also Sakurajima. Check it out when you get there! Photgraphs can also be seen where the video is to be found.
Probably the most catchy thing in Kagoshima is right at the train stration (Kagoshima chuo). A huge ferris wheel on top of the Amu Plaza! I couldn’t resist to have a ride and went in to experience an amazing 360° view around town. The fare is just 500 Yen, but compared to German ferris wheels, the japanese ones are ongoing, never stoppnig, but moving slow, so that one round can take 10 to 15 minutes. It’s by the way just one ride that you get for the price but it’s fair enough. Do it if you have time and good weather!

I even went to the Sakurajima with Mirko, a German I met in the Hostel. But there will be a seperate Blogpost after my return from Yakushima.

Tomorrow I am finally going to Yakushima and do some hiking!  See you in a week!


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