A ride with the Shinkansen!

Deutsche Version:

Auf meinem Weg von Kumamoto nach Kagoshima bin ich mit dem Shinkansen gefahren und durfte erneut mit dieser wunderbaren Art der Fortbewegung kommunizieren! Näheres dazu in diesem Blogpost!
Ansonsten bin ich noch bis Morgen in Kagoshima, wozu noch ein separater Blogbeitrag folgen wird, und dann gehts für ein paar Tage nach Yakushima Island um ein paar Tracks anzugehen, sowie ein paar Gipfel zu erklimmen =). Natur Pur, Steward Island 2.0.

English Version:

To ride a shinkansen is recommendable for everyone! Especially if you are from Germany as I am and totally in hate with the Deutsche Bahn.
Shinkansen is the Bullet train of Japan and operated by JR (Japan Railway). There are different types of bullet trains in different price classes and different speed. Usually they drive at least about 200 km/h, but the fastest even gets up to 300 km/h. Something you might wonder about the japanese trainservice is, that they’re never late! They are always on time, clean and quiet. Again, compared to the German Trainnetwork — well no, it’s just not comparable^^. For the people who don’t know, or never had the ‚pleasure‘ to ride a train in Germany, let me summarize to make it understandable to you. First of all, the Deutsche Bahn is infamous for being late, not just once, but almost every time^^. Especially when it is about to snow (just lightly is enough) you will encounter several delays because if the so called ’sudden start of Winter‘, it’s just a bother. You can always calculate like, at least 10 minutes delay into the train you want to take^^.
On the other hand many trains and train toilets are dirty and reek which is admittedly the primary fault of us Germans or at least some retards^^. Though the German Bullet trains (ICE) are really clean and neat.But not just the regular trains, but also the trainstations can be pretty dirty and spraid, which you just won’t see at any trainstation in Japan (at least judging by the ones I’ve been too).
All the people, upon entering the train, are standing in a row, and wait till everyone has left until they board. The same System works for the stairs. On one side they’ll get up, on the other side down^^. Same for the escalators. Just amazing!

My Ticket was 7.140 Yen (around 58 Euro) from Kumamoto Station to Kagoshima Chuo. Fortunately my wwoofing host gave me 10.000 Yen as we parted, so I could easily pay the price with it. Just so you know, he gave it to me voluntarily, I humbly declined his offer, but he kinda ‚forced‘ me to take it^^. So nothing I could have done, but anyhow, without this money I probably wouldn’t have choosen the Shinkansen, but would have tried to hitchhike, which I will postpone for now^^.

For all people coming from abroad, there is the option to purchase the Japan Rail Pass, for one, two or three weeks and the respected prices. If you plan to ride more than once with a Shinkansen (it’s usable for all JR transportation) it’s totally worth it. For Example the fare from Tokyo to Kyoto (one way) is about 12.500 Yen which is about 100 Euro. Check it out! The Pass can be purchased on the Internet just ask the Dr. Google :D.


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