A stranger in a strange land

Deutsche Version:

So, die ersten zwei Tage sind rum, Zeit für ein kleines Resumeé =). Ich habe vor ab sofort auf wöchentlicher Basis Blogposts zu schreiben, es sei denn die Ereignisse sollten sich mal überschlagen, dann versuche ich es möglichst schnell zu updaten. Im Vergleich zu Neuseeland wird alles auch zeitnaher veröffentlicht werden und auch immer sofort mit Bildern, da ich ja nun mein schmuckes Netbook habe und so unabhängiger bin. Selbst ohne Internet könnte ich die Artikel bereits vorschreiben. Hier dann erstmal der erste Beitrag. Was bis dato noch fehlt ist eine Karte die ich in den nächsten Tagen vielleicht anfertigen werde, oder zumindest erstmal schaue was so geht. Memo an mich selbst, die ersten Postkarten kaufen gehen! Bis denn dann =).

English Version:

Now my dream became reality! I’m in Japan and not just for 2 weeks like the last two times (2009 and 2013) but for a total intended stay of 1 year! Work and Travel in Japan is probably not known by many Germans, while New Zealand and Australia are the most popular countries to travel to. However, may it be the language barrier or just the cultural difference that many people see as too complicated to spent more than a vacation in Japan. For people like me, who are not just interested in the country, the people, the culture and basically everything about japan, but also in the language, it comes close of being a paradise :D.
As I mentioned in a previous Blogpost I already started studying with the beginning of the year. Unfortunately it is not enough to understand Japanese, which is just normal, but enough to have some basics to build my knowledge upon.

The flight went well enough, though it was quite boring. I did ride with Cathay Pacific, which is among the safest airlines worldwide, but compared to Emirates with a much lower amount of good movies and music^^. But as I said, the flight went well, and from Hongkong to Fukuoka I was just one of two western people :D. Mission complete! No bloody Germans around, at least not many!
After the check-out one of the airport staff was quite surprised that I do work and travel here, seems like not many people come under a working holiday visa to japan^^. Hence it took a bit longer until I got through there and could fetch my new personal Japanese ID-card! Looks quite fancy though my fingerprints are saved on it.

Afterwards I commuted with the subway to the Hostel where the staff awaited my arrival. The way up there was pretty easy thanks to a great Map, that the Hostel staff send me. It was past 11 pm when I arrived but everything went rather smooth even the check-in and such. Even the room is, for Japanese standards, quite big, and contains 4 beds, to bunks.
On the next day I planned to have a look around the city center, and took the subway to ‘Tenjin’ and had a stroll around. Not really much to see, so I went a bit further south to the ‘ohori-park’ where the old castle ruins lay and the sakura start to bloom. The area is divided in up to 4 Levels from which one has a good overview and if the cherry-trees are in full bloom, an even better one. You may see the photographs when you click on the link in the German version.

 Later on I signed myself in for a couchsufing-meeting which is on a weekly schedule in the 3 kings pub, from 8 to 10 pm. It was interesting to meet up with so many people (almost 20) and so many Japanese woman who look really way younger than they actually are (i.e. I guessed on of them as about my age (26) but in fact she was 36!). I got some new contacts and also some tips and sightseeing spots here in Fukuoka. Upon these guys was a Spanish one who studies Japanese since 7 months. He said that hitch hiking works very well in Japan and encouraged me to try it out, which I will =).

The next day (today) I met up with Hiro, a guy I already knew from Skype, and the one who wants to ride to Kumamoto and Mt. Aso with me on the next Monday. Together we went to the northern parts of Fukuoka to the beach and had a look around there. Later on I went to the so called ‘Canal City’ in Hakata which is quite stunning. The architecture is very smooth and probably one of the best photo-objects one could find in Fukuoka^^. It also has a big cinema in it, in which I will see the live action movie to ‘Boku dake ga inai machi’ (eng. Title: Erased) and probably ‘The Revenant’ too, of course in Japanese. Regarding my language skills, they are still limited, which is quite normal, but I try more and more to use Japanese in daily life, though it’s easier and I’m feeling more comfortable speaking English^^. However, I’m working on it :D.

From now on, I plan to update on a weekly basis, otherwise it becomes too much. I also try to upload photographs regulary and create maps (which has yet to be made), with the location.

Stay tuned!


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2 Antworten zu A stranger in a strange land

  1. Hoshi schreibt:

    Da spricht er, der olle Japaner … xD
    Ich wiederhole mich gerne und wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit. Auf das ich dich diesmal konsequenter verfolge und Kommis schreibe xD
    Ich freue mich aber schon auf die jeweiligen Berichte :)

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