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Jetzt habe ich nun doch schonmal etwas zu potentiellen Reisezielen auf Kyushu geschrieben. Was genau, dass könnt ihr hier nachlesen. Im nächsten Beitrag der gleich folgen wird, gibts dann noch ein paar weitere Information.

English Version:

I collected some ideas for my time in Kyushu, the southernmos mainisland of Japan! It does not mean necessarily that I will definitely go to the places I talk about here, but that they at least lure me enough to consider it^^. It always comes down to the money and time in the end. I do plan to travel around in Kyushu for two whole months (excluding a potential job offer).
First and foremost is without a doubt Fukuoka. A city of which I often hear that it’s a really nice one and not as loud, crowdy and busy as Tokyo. It has to proof itself for it. I’ll probably stay for 5 days to have a stroll around the city, do some sightseeing, but also have a look for a job. On Gaijinpot many ads were published were schools are looking for english teachers, though mostly native ones. Maybe I could fetch something, for the children are usually between 2 and 6^^. Nagasaki will be definitely a destination which I will visit. If one’s in Japan for a longer time one need to visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Two cities which got bombed with an Atomic Bomb by the Americans with the end of World War II. Therefore I want to see ground zero, as well as the Museeum and other historic (pre WWII) places in Nagasaki. For instance is there a huge dutch park and a replica of the thousand sunny (One Piece).
Another big city which is certain to be seen by me, would be Kagoshima in southern Kyushu. Mostly because of the neighboring Sakurajima volcano, one of the most active ones in the world. You can see smoke coming up every couple of days and feel smaller tremors as well. If possible I would seek an internship there.
Beppu would be the fourth Place I intend to see. It’s well known as a Spa and Wellness resort and famous for it’s dozens and heaps of onsen baths, which are mostly commericalized. A place to relax.

In New Zealand I did not hike as much as I liked to, but in Japan it will probably be even less, though I still want to do some good ones there. However, Maps and descriptions of tracks are a bit scarce around the net, though one can find informations. I’ll probably get a clearer view when I arrive =).
Nevertheless will I see Mt. Unzen (near Nagasaki and one of the most dangerous volcanoes of Japan), and also Mt. Aso (in central Kyushu, still active), including the National Parks they stand in. Especially for the Mt. Aso National Park a good hike is planned.
Kurokawa Onsen is located some kilometer north of Mt. Aso, and basically hidden in the forest. A small ‚village‘ with authentic Ryokan (traditional japanese inns) and several open air onsen. A night in a Ryokan would cost about 100 Euro, which is not affordable for me, but nevertheless do I want to lodge at least two nights in a Ryokan during my stay in Japan, with original japanese food, and a peaceful atmosphere. There are always ways =). At Kurokawa Onsen is a hostel situated as well, where I could stay for the time being, if I do not wish to waste my money^^.
To safe money in general wwoofing and couchsurfing will play a bigger role during my time in Japan, I hope. As I said somewhere before, it’s a great way to meet up with the locals and to get to know some secret spots to visit, which are not as overrun by tourists as others.

You still got some recommendations on what to do in Kyushu? Tell me about it =).


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