Japan 2016/17

Deutsche Version:

Ich hoffe jeder von euch hatte ein frohes und gesundes Weihnachtsfest, auch wenn es wettermäßig doch recht bescheiden war.
Seit dem letzten Beitrag habe ich mich um sämtliche Vorbereitungen für meine nächste Reise gekümmert und soweit auch alles abgeschlossen, so dass es praktisch losgehen könnte. Dazu habe ich noch etwas zu meiner Motivation und den anderen Infos geschrieben. Zwischen jetzt und dem Abflug am 22. März folgen noch ein paar Beiträge um zwei Projekte vorzustellen, die nach Japan folgen sollen. Ansonsten wirds dann erstmal wieder ruhig um mich =).
An dieser Stelle noch nen guten Rutsch und bis bald!

English Version:

Japan was already a big aim for me especially because I’m really keen on Anime and Manga and already visited this beautiful – and rich in culture – country twice, though mainly its capitol Tokyo. I swore the last time I was there, that I would be coming back, but then to see the whole country. Back in the days when I made this vow, I just wanted to stay on a tourist Visa for three months, for I didn’t know that working holiday is possible there. It’s not as prominent as Australia or New Zealand, which is a big adventage but also a big disadvantage. First of all there will be way less Germans as they are in the mentioned countries, which is a good thing. Bloody Germans are everywhere and are always taking my jobs and money! (To all non Germans, it’s a pun to the general German thinking about foreingers and refugees, who – after their opinion – only get to Germany to steal their jobs and lazy around with money from the state.)
Hoever the disadvantage is the lacking internationalty and as a consequence therof the lack of English with the common people. Therefore you’re really forced to learn japanese, which I really would like, for the language is the key to the people and the culture. To experience both one need good skills, hence I need to practice japanese and learn at least some basics, else it would be hard to find a proper Job as well. I would really like to get something realted to Geology, preferably with a volcano research center. I haven’t done anything related to my profession since more than a year and one need to refresh ones skills and knowledge, plus I want to widen my knowledge additionally.

Another good job would be the local dairy business in which I got many experiences in New Zealand. But aside of that I could imagine to do other stuff as well. My aim is it to get a profound view for historico-cultural handcraft as well. May be the production of original japanese paper, or watching and learning from a real swordsmith even though it may be a bit unreal.
As I mentioned I wanna jounrney thorughout the whole country, starting in the south with the beginning of the Hanami (Festival of the cherry blossoms), which should be about to start upon my arrival. Starting point is Fukuoka in Kyushu and later on next destinations are Kagoshima and the Sakurajima (one of the most active volacanoes in Japan and worldwide). In between some Hotspots and also some hiking trips in national parks. I probably do spare Tokyo, for I already went there twice. Tourists are besides less frequent in the western part of Japan, which I also want to discover.
By now I haven’t made a real plan, but I also doubt I’ll do one until my departure. I think I gather information with the locals there (during wwoofing stays or courchsurfing, which I will use freuquently) and do not plan too far ahead. For now I only booked a flight to but not from Japan. This has the reason that I’m a bit anxious about the financial aspect and finding a job as I wrote above. In the case my money runs out I’m forced to leave the country way earlier than I would have wanted and the project would be forfeited. I hope I do not have to go back too early!
Well then may the journey start and find its happy ending! Thumps up for me that I do stem everything that comes across myself. Until my departure the communitcation through is blog will be reduced though there are some posts in preparation concerning my ideas after Japan! Stay tuned!


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