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Deutsche Version:

So, nach langer Zeit (die leider Motivationslos verstrich) nun endlich die letzten Beiträge und Nachträge zu Neuseeland und Australien. Für Neuseeland habe ich lediglich ein kurzes Resumé zusammengefasst und meinen Australienaufenthalt in zwei Beiträge mit je ein paar Bilder zusammengefasst.

Melbourne und die Küste
Der Grampians National Park

Mittlerweile sind die Vorbereitungen für Japan schon im vollen Gange und Flug sowie KV erledigt. Das Visa wird am 24. beantragt, aber dazu werden noch Beiträge folgen, sobald ich von meiner kleinen Deutschlandtour zurück bin, bzw. nach Japan. Bis dahin!

English Version:

After my farewell from New Zealand was my next destination Australia, but just for 4 days! The Intention was to visit my dear friend Mike, whom I got aquainted with in Christchurch, back in the days.
So we made a little program together. For the first day we decided to visit Melbourne and have a stroll around. Mike would be my guide and show me interesting places and the beauty of this big city. First of all, I’m not really fond of cities in general, but man, Melbourne is amazing, even for a country-potatoe like me! Though it shows the features every big citiy shows (tall buildings, many people, homeless people), it has a lot of charme, especially for its high amount of old buildings. In my opinion a perfect symbiosis of old and new ones. Many little shops (which may be genereally speaking a bit cheaper than in NZ) and street art + street musicians make the core of Melbourne young and lively.
The City is rich, no doubt about it, but it does not necessarily shows it. Maybe Aussies would deny my argument, but in my perception Melbourne seems quite humble.
However did we go down to the river in the end and had a bite or two in a small fancy restaurant, while the sun of a beautiful day went down. With nightfall we made our way home and waited patiently for the next day to rise!

The second day began with clouds and a bit of rain, but nevertheless did we decide to do our tour down to Apollo Bay, around 3 hours drive south of Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road, which is really no overestimation. With our drive down south the weather got better and among others hotter! Almost unbearable for me, but nothing serious for Mike^^. We did some stops along the way and I had a look for some really nice small towns. Definetly more cozy and beautiful ones than in NZ.
Down at Apollo Bay we concluded our trip with Fish & Chips and made our way home. For the third and fourth day we decided to see the Grampians National Park, around 3,5 hours north of Melbourne. The drive up there was quite unspectacular for the pastures and Paddocks (of which there seem to be many around), were more or less burned by the sun or about to. Plus, Australia is really flat so not much to gaze for, but we had a lot to talk about so at least something to kill the time :D.
As we reached Halls Gap (the ‚centre‘ of the NP), we made a small rest and got something to eat, followed by a short visit at the local I-site to gather some Information as the way to our campsite (which one has to book online beforehand for 35 fucking Dollars!), or local sightseeing attractions for people with little time. So we decided to see the McKenzie Waterfalls, though I – by now – had enough waterfalls in my life^^. As we got there we had a nap in the car for about an hour (or were it two?^^) and before the sun was killing us decided to finally step out the car and see the goddamn attraction :D. In the end it was really beautiful but I experienced a really breatless me, not because of the stunning scenery, but more because of the path down and up again, which was steep and exhausting. I’m not used to any physical exercises since I worked on the farm^^. I got lazy for everything was done by motorbike… However was it nice and refreshing to feel exhaustion again, even if it sounds strange. We got rewarded with a beautiful rainbow appearing in the waterfalls

After that, it was around 5 pm, we decided to look for the campsite, before it gets too dark. So we drove on and on, but did take the wrong turn, so we made our way down south instead of west without us noticing this horrendous mistake. As we noticed we were already half an hour outside of Halls Gap and Miles and Miles away from the destinated campsite. We had no choice but to drive back and search our way through with the beginning of nightfall. Right at the entrance to Halls Gap we crashed with a cockatoo but fortunately nothing happend to him and to us. We got back to the scene, but nothing seemed broken or hurt in general. Except a big shock, the bird was fine and we put him to the side on a treetrunk.

Mike and I got really pissed that we made a huge detour and didn’t find our way right when we wanted to. But nevertheless did we find it in the end, even if it wasn’t signposted at all, and the turn was kinda hidden, for it was a bumpy unpaved forest-road. It took us another 30 Minutes from the turn down to the campsite in the middle of the bush and the National Park. By the time we got there it was completely dark and half past 9 pm. So we decided just to establish our tents/swags and do something for dinner. We were looking forward for our cans of baked beans the whole day, but with the big delay we got quite grumpy as well^^. However All’s well, that ends well.

The night itself was cozy and comfortable. I really missed to be out in nature and sleep outside. I should have done more trekking and hiking in NZ but unfortunately I didn’t have the time or the means to do so.
The next morning promised us good, and again hot, weather. We even discovered some kangeroos sitting and grazing around the front of our campsite and lazying around. The first time for me to see these animals close up, and one can get pretty close, for they’re not really shy but curious and used to men. So did it happen that I did some more photographs, when would you have a chance to meet them again? If you’re curious about them too, check out the pictures, which are linked in the German Version above.
As we had our breakfast and dismantled our camp and were ready to set off, Mikes eagle eyes discovered some Emus in the bush in front of us! I saw them too, but just briefly – they were too far in. Beautiful Animals which I would like to have seen closer. But at least I saw some =).

As we came past some exposed rocks in the sun we looked for some snakes, which I would have liked to see too, but all we discovered was a small lizard. I like lizards, in Germany the get rarer and rarer though. The way back to Melbourne is not really worth mentioning. Both of us were quite and immersed in our own thoughts, than after all would I fly off to Germany this very evening.
Back home we relaxed for some hours before Mike saw me off and I got into the plain back to Germany. Was I sad? No, not really. I will see Mike again before I fly off to Japan, for he will do his work and travel year in Germany. Will I miss NZ? I don’t think so. I’m really fond of this small Island Nation and will definetely go back there, but I’m happy to be home again, and off soon right into another adventure, into the unknown, into the uncertain and into the tremendous beauty of Japan!
Farewell my friends (for now) and you beautiful Nation! Catch you later =).


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