Erste Woofing Erfahrung/First Woofing experience

Deutsche Version:

Plaene andern sich schnell wenn man reist und so kam es dass ich unverhofft eine woofing Position angeboten kam, geradewegs als ich auf meinem Weg zu den Nelson Lakes war. Was mir widerfahren ist kann der geneigte Leser hier nachlesen =).
Ansonsten bin ich jetzt wieder in Wellington von wo aus ich mich morgen auf dem Weg mit dem Bus nach Auckland mache um dann meinen Dairy Job anzufangen. Vorlaeufig demzufolge der letzte Beitrag. Bis denn dann!

English Version:

On my way from Hokitika to the Nelson Lakes (for doing the Traverse-Sabine Walk), I got picked up by a couple who offered me to woof at their place if I’m not in a hurry. Well I wasn’t for the time ran short for doing the Track, so I committed. Unfortunately just 2 days but in the end it was an experience I don’t wanna miss.

They’re living off the grid with their own power production (via Solar panels) and they getting the necessary Water from a Creek which lies around 1 k apart of the House. The house itself is quite old and has one big room which includes Kitchen area, living room and Stephan’s Bedroom. The heat source is a great cooking stove in the kitchen which is fueled by firewood. On the back of it one can see pipes for hot water supply. Simple but great! Another characteristic are the huge amounts of books which are all scattered in shelves around the house. Stephan is a dedicated reader and has read every book inside the house.

The Newton Livery is a Farm, which means that they have animals as well. Ranging from Cows (around 10), over Horses (10, foals as well) to about 30 Chickens. With the milk they’re producing, cheese will be produced. Hard cheese, around 20 cm in diameter. Delicious cheese which has to dry for around 6 weeks. Beside cheese, Yoghurt is also produced and belongs to their daily consumption, as well as self made sourdough bread. Veges are always fresh from the big garden. They produce Maize, Garlic (a hell lot of garlic, more than I could eat during the year, and I claim to eat a lot), Potatoes, Carrots, Cabbage and other stuff like Yams, Onions etc. Fortunately I could help them planting the new garlic. I was taught one has to do it around the shortest day of the year (which would be the 21. of June) and harvest around the longest day (which would be the 21. of December, vice versa for the northern hemisphere).

My general duties were to help Stephan with the supply for the animals, especially the horses. Tend them, feed them and lead them to the pastures basically. I could milk the cow which was a great experience, but the tits of the udder felt strangely familiar. Like Penises and even the milking itself felt quite known^^.

I really enjoyed my stay there, though I could only contribute 2 days. I learned a lot and got inspirations for my future life. I’m glad that I got this experience and have met Stephan, his daughter Almond, her boyfriend Tomma, and Almonds son Jackson. The Location is 15 k’s south of Murchison and worth a visit. I even got invited whenever I’m around! Unfortunately I forfeited to do photographs but the images will still reside in my head^^.

For now I’m heading up to Dargaville, therefore the Blog will be a bit quieter now. See ya around =)



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2 Antworten zu Erste Woofing Erfahrung/First Woofing experience

  1. Hoshi schreibt:

    I could milk the cow which was a great experience, but the tits of the udder felt strangely familiar. Like Penises and even the milking itself felt quite known^^.
    Da les ich endlich mal wieder was bei dir und dann kommt gleich sowas x’DDD
    Das passt ja zur guten alten Hoshi wie die Faust aufs Auge xDDD
    *fällt vor Lachen gleich vom Stuhl*
    Ich hoffe du hattest beim vielen runterholen nicht irgendwann doch noch einen, wie nennt man es überhaupt, das Äquivalent eines Tennisarms beim Selbstvergnügen des Mannes, bekommen :’D
    *lacht sich weiter kringelig*

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