Rakiura IV – NW-Circuit!

Deutsche Version:

Endlich hab ich es geschafft die anderen und letzten Beitraege zu schreiben. Letztlich doch mehr geworden als ich urspruenglich wollte. Fuer die folgenden Tracks, also zu allererst Dusky Track, wird es nur einen bis zwei geben, muss ja auch alles getippt werden…^^.
Hier und hier sind nun die beiden Beitraege samt Bilder online gestellt. Ansonsten habe ich gestern meinen letzten Arbeitstag gehabt, welcher sich echt gezogen hat. Insgesamt werde ich wohl um die 1.300 Dollar auf meinem Konto haben, haette ich die Hostelkosten ueber die 4 Wochen nicht haette ich gute 500 Dollar mehr, aber was solls, notwendiges Uebel. Nun versuche ich mich vermehrt auf Couchsurfing zu konzentrieren und so Hostelkosten zu sparen, was ich zumindest waehrend meiner Zeit auf der Suedinsel jetzt machen werde. Bisher noch keine Antworten, aber noch besteht Hoffnung! Montag gehts dann wie gesagt los, werde dementsprechend etwa 2 Wochen nicht online kommen, abhaengig von der Internetlage in Te Anau kanns auch laenger werden. Generell plane ich die Beitraege recht Zeitnah nach den Tracks online zu stellen, damit sich nicht mehr so viel ansammelt. Bis dahin aber erstmal viel spass mitm lesen =)

English Version:

In the German Version up there you’ll find the photographs! I will just summarize the last posts here^^. Starting from the East Ruggedy Hut we made our way to the Big Hellfire Hut. The path itself was at some point pretty exhausting, but starting on the beach, coming from the East Ruggedy Hut, the weather turned to storm and light rain, which I am very fond of :D. About half an hour along the beach we had to get up a hill again just to descend and get up another mountain on which top the Hut should be located. On my way I ran out of little snacks like Nutbars and Eggs. I really felt weak and weary, so I planned to eat a can of my short going food on the next morning, just to have something in my stomach and to have more energy for the day. Right before the Big Hellfire Hut, there was a glade consisting of huge sand dune (on an altitude of 200 m), from which one had a really spectacular view over the back country with its swamps, forests and big rainy clouds. The sun shone to the valley, coming from my back and produced a really magical atmosphere captured in some photographs. I added some pictures of me feet just to give you an impression through what I got through, though it looks more painful than I could recall^^. Luckily after some starting problems we produced a small hellfire with the oven so we could dry our boots and pants.

On the next morning, we were bound to the Mason Bay Hut and I began my day with a can of baked beans as I declared the day before. Pretty good and pretty long lasting. As we got our way back down to the Mason Bay, it was a pleasant walk, not that steep and muddy as with the previous days (except of the very descending to the beach of the Mason Bay!) The waether was still good, but windy, which arranged the sandflies to stay away from us. It was a 5 k’s walk along the beach anyway. While we walked another beautiful scenery opened up for us. In the very south big dark clouds stood up the hills and got shone by the sun in our backs. I spent probably more time with doing some photographs instead of continue our walk to the Hut, but it was so beautiful, even if I repeat myself. Every day there was special and had it’s own marvels =). One more Highlight on my list.
By reaching the Hut we reunited with Craig and Alena + Daniel and made us some dinner for the night. Rita and I slept in the living room, it was separated from the sleeping room, so it was warmer where we slept and more comfortable. On the next morning we saw a really beautiful glowing sky (this is what Rakiura in Maori means) and Craig told us about his self constructed house in Tasmania, which he did without having the knowledge! He collects rainwater, produces his own Energy by sun and has his own vegetable garden and a huge amount of trees for firewood. Definitely something I want to have more information on. So he promised to send me some pictures to satisfy my eagerness^^.

Departing from the Mason Bay, it was only a 3 hours walk to the last Hut of the NW-Circuit, namely the Freshwater Hut. The last stage for Rita and Craig, who would take the Watertaxi back to Oban. Even if it would be really tempting for me to get along with them my ambitions are way higher, so that I could finish the track where I started it by myself. I come to get really fond of the backcountry and enjoy the day walks though sometimes it really is troublesome and nerve wrecking. But the overall feeling is huge and pleasing! Except my feet I don’t have any problems anymore, so I am now really fired up for the Dusky Track, which would be my next adventure!
With reaching the Hut we had a last meal together and Rita as well as Craig sponsored there last reserves to us so that we would have a great Dinner and some snacks for the last day. While Alena and Daniel went to the Rocky Mountains I stayed in the Hut, made a fire and prepared for the cooking afterward. In the end it was a great night and the next day was even better. The Track to the North Arm Hut was as the rest of the Track, sometimes steep, sometimes muddy (though not as water bearing as on other days), sometimes slippery. But we had enough experience to know how to deal with situations like these =). It took us the promised 6 hours to the North Arm Hut, where we decided to take a rest, clean our boots and pants and get started again for the last stage to Oban which took us another 3 hours (the sign at the Hut claimed it would be 5!). With a well maintained track it was an easy walking, we felt really light after all these hardships^^. Arriving Oban I needed a shower and something proper to eat. Already on our way we decided to conclude the Track with Fish and Chips. I Got to the Bunkers Backpackers where my stuff was stored and got to know that they didn’t had any bed left but the Manager was so nice to reserve me a bed in another Hostel to where I even got picked up =). Taking a shower than felt gorgeous!
After the Dinner we got to Rita to reminiscent over the past 10 days and say goodbye to her. On the next day she would take the plane back to Invercargill, while Daniel and Alena would take the Ferry right in the morning. I would stay some more days on Stewart Island, but move down to the Bunkers Hostel, to rest my feet. In Total 3 Nights and in need for a Job which I didn’t find I had finally to part myself from this beautiful and landscape rich Island… Really sad but send of with a beautiful sunset and some dolphins passing the ferry I was kinda relieved =). Goodbye Rakiura, was a pleasure to meet you!


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