Rakiura III – NW-Circuit!

Deutsche Version:

Da heute ANZAC Day in NZ und Australien ist (googelt wenns euch interessiert), habe ich bis Montag leider frei bekommen, weshalb ich jetzt rumgammel und nen neuen Beitrag geschrieben habe^^. Morgen wird es keinen geben, ist auf dauer auch recht teuer hier. Der naechste kann dann nachste Woche erwartet werden =).

English Version:

I edited the summary in the last entry! Photographs can be seen with the link in the German description at the respected article =). Same goes for this new one, though the English summary has to wait again till the next time! I got 3 days off now for the ANZAC day and start working again on Tuesday which is pretty annoying. Plus it seems there are only 10 days left for the picking season – the most… Well but should be enough money in the end to make some tracks and still have some left =). See you next week than!

I am finally able to update some stuff and found the necessary motivation for that. The Night in the Yankee River Hut was awesome. Quite and warm with a nestling fire in the background. Rita tried to spot some Kiwis with beginning of the dusk, but hadn’t had any luck, though there were reports of sights in the visitors book.
With the beginning of the next day we decided to take it slow this day, for its but a short walk (but nonetheless exhausting) of 4 hours to the destined Long Harry Hut. The weather was extraordinary good again. We are very fortunate concerning rain and cold. So we had to cross a mountain first and it seems I adapted quite well to the landscapes by then. I haven’t had any problems with ascending, though I took small breaks to catch my breath again or cool down and dry my sweat. Nevertheless was the way at some parts quite muddy and slippery but when you’re used to this for 4 days now, it’s nothing worth a notion, though inattention would be punished right away, as it’s with everything in life =).
On top of the mountain we gained a beautiful view over the Ocean and the huge dunes in front of it. Descended to them it was really hard to get over ‚em for the light sand was too unused to our feet, carrying a heavy backpacks. But getting to the beach it was way easier to walk along the shoreline though huge and thick clouds appeared in the direction we were bound to. I feared rain, but again we were lucky for it passed us by for around 1 k to the southwest. 30 minutes earlier and I bet we would have been drenched^^. The next quest was to cross a river with the most stupidest way there is :D. The cut bank of the river was quite deep and we tried to take off our pants and shoes but still it wouldn’t be enough. Plus countless sandflies were really pestering us and wrecking on my nerves… So we dressed up again and took the high tide way over a bridge. If we would be able to cross the river it would’ve saved us around 25 Minutes, but still, it was okay, to go around.
The last Mountain overcome, we began our really comfortable descending in light misty rain. Past huge granite outcrops and through the forest we already saw the Hut at the other side of the cliff, which we reached around 15 Minutes later, right before the rain got heavier. After a nice dinner two other Germans reached us, Alena and Daniel who would accompany us on our last nights in the Huts =).

With the next morning we thought we ought to go in rain today, for there were really heavy clouds over the see and a strong breeze. But we saw the red sky in the morning, which would promise good weather throughout the day; and the sun which just rose between the clouds and the mountains and brought me some awesome pictures, to be seen in the link in the German Version! Check them out =).

After 9 am Rita and myself got up and after 10 minutes of walk we really saw our first Kiwi! Right to the side of the path it looked for food and didn’t even notice us. We tried to be as quiet as possible and took several photographs – in my case more than 50, but about three quarter of them were just garbage – and left when we shrieked ‚em away. The day began good and would continue so. In between we got a real hard, but short rain shower, where we luckily could hide under some fern trees. After that the weather got gradually better and so the promise from the morning was fulfilled. On our way to the ‚boulder beach‘ (which is not the official, but a very fitting name), we had to pay attention again, for the steep and muddy pathway. Reaching sea level it was like a huge playground for me. I really enjoyed to hop from one boulder to the other, never minding my backpack. It was fantastic! Sure I couldn’t pass by without taking several photographs :D. Among the common granite, there even were some Metagneisses with folds and one Quartz and Biotit Pegmatite.
After this we got to our last  stage which is not really worth mentioning, except of the lookout around 2 k’s before we reached the hut and right before we would go down to sea level again (we got up another Hill, it’s signposted there). The most awesome view I had so far on Rakiura and the photographs are worth a look, especially for we had sun and no clouds.
Down the mountain I got out of my shoes to cross a river and walked barefoot to the Hut where we already were awaited. A Hut without any sandflies, what a paradise :D. Fire is burning and my shoes can dry hopefully^^.


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