Rakiura II – NW-Circuit!

Deutsche Version:

Teil II meiner Stewart Island Odyssey hat den Weg ins Netz gefunden! Mit Tag 3 und 4 des 10 tageigen NW-Circuit tracks! Heute ist im uebrigen Zahltag, und ich darf mich ueber gute 440 Dollar Netto von vier Tagen Arbeit der letzten Woche freuen! Zeit zu sparen^^. Schliesslich brauche ich ein paar backups fuer die naechsten Monate! Dennoch muss das erste Gehalt eigentlich auf den Kopf gehauen werden :D. Na mal schauen^^. Heute hats gepisst, weshalb wir den Tag ueber frei bekommen haben, gut fuer mich, schlecht fuers geschaefft, aber es werden wahrscheinlich eh noch 2 weitere Wochen werden in denen ich genuegend Geld verdienen kann! Bis bald =)

English Version:

I edited the English version for the last entry below! This one will follow with my next post, I’m running out of time here…^^. Work so far is great, today is payday and I got 440 dollar net from last weeks (4 days) work. Time to save some money for the next months though reluctantly, cause normally I spend my first wage :D. Have still to decide for what^^. But anyway, see you next time around =).

After my free day at the ‚Bungaree Hut‘ I rested enough to get up again and make my way to the next one, the Christmas Village Hut. The trail was muddy again, though not as much as the first part. Craig was the first one who took his leave around 8 am like usual as we discovered later on. I got up second around 9:30 am and Rita the German, came up last.
Btw. did I feel a real difference between the first and this day in my body fitness. My legs build up enough and the right muscles to get up and down the hills with my heavy load on my back. It may be for the break and a reduce of my weight as well, but it should be just secondary reasons.
The track itself was again very beautiful! The weather was fine and the temperature stable enough to walk just in my Shirt. Though the trail was quite tricky and at some points very steep and time consuming it always felt awesome to get up another hill and walk on a plateau for some couple of minutes and relax a bit. Breaks were nevertheless a common appearance but less in the sense of being exhausted but more because overheating my body and sweating heaps, hence my glasses did get foggy the whole time being, which was pretty annoying.

In the meantime I thought about just doing the NW-Circuit instead of doing both. I’ve heard the mud should be way more frequent and deep in the south than here, plus I reckon that my supplies won’t be enough anymore for both tracks, though it’s still enough but sometimes I can’t really restrain myself^^. But till the end of the NW-Circuit (9 to 11 days), it should be more than enough, even if I take every Hut from now on, for I wanted to skip the Long Harry Hut. I’m not here to rush myself through the bush, but to enjoy the walk and take my time =).
As I got to the Christmas Village Hut Craig was already there, what was to be expected. Located at the beach many Sandflies annoyed us outside so that we stayed for the whole time inside the Hut. A Fire wasn’t possible, the Wood was way too damp and scarce. Even though we tried to get some embers but in the end it was fruitless.

The next day Rita and myself planned to tag along and take the walk to the Yankee River Hut together. Around 10 am we started finally and began to walk uphill, past the side way to Mt. Anglem (for this trip which I originally planned, the weather was too bad). The map I carried was still not of any use. We never knew which river or creek we just crossed was the one signed in the map or even which criteria have to be matched to get signed in as a river^^. So I thought again that we are at some point already further than we really were which took me mentally back again and pissed me really off. I can’t stand to no locate myself somewhere. To get down again I took a break and rested on a huge tree, while Rita did go ahead of me. It was really quite in the forest, no other humans, scarcely any birds or other noises. The sun shimmered through the trees and sparkled on the ground and on me. Really soothing environment. I even dozed of a bit and totally relaxed (maybe a bit too much) got up again and made my way to the Hut in 45 min. Hundreds of Sandflies awaited me this time and I took the chance to have a swim in the River to at least wash myself a little^^. Around 4 degrees and pestering Sandflies made me get out quite fast though. Back in the Hut Craig did a real good Job and heated up the oven which was more like a Sauna now and good to fucking dry our stuff^^ and chill inside.
When the tidal waves came in it was really impressing for me, for I saw this the first time in my life. The rest of the evening was quite then. We tried to spot some Kiwis though didn’t meet any.
The next day it should be a shorter walk, but more of this with the next entry =).


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