Curio Bay

Deutsche Version:

Ich bin heute in Wellington angekommen, mit der Faehre von Picton, und werde morgen diese wundervolle Stadt wahrscheinlich schon wieder verpassen! Natuerlich werde ich wieder kommen und einen ausfuerhlichen Bericht verfassen, aber fuer jetzt ists nur ein kleiner Zwischenstop.
Jedoch habe ich es noch geschafft nen Blogeintrag zu machen, sodass jetzt nur noch jene zu Rakiura anstehen. Als dickes Extra konnte ich auch endlich die Bilder komprimieren und online stellen! Fuer Dunedin III, sowie fuer den Beitrag zu den Catlins, als auch zu dem neuen zur Curio Bay. Viel Spass beim lesen und staunen!

English Version:

*The photographs are uploaded! You can find them right with the links in the German Version.*

My last two days at the Lazy Dolphins Lodge at Curio Bay were fantastic! Agnis and Kyle did go after two days and Ingrid from Austria replaced them. Together we did some tramping on a really small trail (15 mins the most) in Waikawa, about 6k’s east of our location.
Back in the Hostel Dianne came, by around 6 pm to bring me my meal. My first woofing day began, that’s why. But I had basically free so I enjoyed the comforts of her cooking for me^^. I can’t really say what it was that she prepared but it was delicious! Some Pasta, Garlic (you could never do something wrong with garlic!), Onions, Capsicum, Bacon, Cheese-sauce (?) and Tomatoes.
For the evening we got back to Curio Bay to see the yellow-eyed penguins and indeed, one showed himself, but alas, far in the distant. So I asked Ingrid to lend me her Tamron 18-270 mm lens for some good shots. Though it was quite unusual to have such a big Lens on top of your old camera, I could take some good Penguins close-ups! Plus that I got a free tutorial in regards of camera-technique and making better photographs. From there on onwards I experimented a bit around and made the quality of my pictures rise.
On the next day, I finally could start to work! Dianne’s husband cut down the hedge and some other small stuff around the hostel, while my job would be to pick everything up and get it onto the trailer. Well, just around 1.5 h of work and after that my employer picked us up for the „Waipohatu Waterfalls Trail“ which is around 6.5 k’s long and a good preparation for the upcoming Rakiura quest! At least for me^^. Pretty muddy and slippery as well, but beautiful beyond imagination. As we arrived at the waterfalls, we probably spend 1/2 hours there. A big one, which is not as gorgeous as a smaller but wider one, came down in front of a huge cliff. The smaller one was a bit more hidden. I tried to do some pictures with different modes on my camera just to practice what I learned before.

On our way back we didn’t want to call for Dianne to get us back to the Hostel (though she said we could do), and we used the opportunity to hitch hike back, though it was quite hard because there were basically no cars going in our direction^^.
Later on we got picked up by the new guest in the Hostel, which are acquaintances of Ingrid as well, and about which we just talked about 5 minutes ago^^. what a coincidence! After supper and a good shower we got back to the penguins, and this time fortune was on our site! One of them came pretty close, up to ten meters, just to get on our cameras it seemed, cause when it got too dark he left us and vanished in the distant^^.
For the night I needed to test my new knowledge again in regards of making Star pictures. In General it was quite good, though the photographs are not the best (which is because of the camera itself and the lens probably), but nevertheless the best night photographs I ever did, and finally something different from just being – black^^.

The next day I would finally get my ass up to Bluff and then to Stewart Island where I would spend two weeks which is covered by the upcoming entries!


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