Dunedin III & Catlins!

Deutsche Version:

Nun ists soweit, ich bin wieder auf dem ‚Festland‘ und zurueck von Rakiura (Stewart Island) und befinde mich derzeit in Invercargill. Da ich einiges an Berichten aufzuholen habe (jetzt sinds 2 von 7 bis 8 Beitraegen), folgt hier schonmal die erste charge! Problem ist nur: ich brauche dringend nen Job und dazu fahre ich morgen wohl nach Hastings auf der Nordinsel um Aepfel zu pfluecken. Freunde von mir sind auch dort, und die bezahlen sehr gut. Das heisst, vom fast suedlichsten Sueden der Suedinsel ab in den mittleren Norden der Nordinsel^^. Ich bin gut wenn ichs in drei Tagen hitch hiking schaffe :D. Danach muss ich aber definitiv wieder runter zur Suedinsel da es noch einige Tracks gibt die noch darauf warten belaufen zu werden. Soviel aber erstmal dazu. Soll nur heissen, dass sich die anderen Beitraege ein wenig verzoegern koennen, und die Bilder natuerlich auch, aber das ist ja schon bekannt… Ich gebe mein bestes! Hier der letzte recht kurze Beitrag zu Dunedin III und anschliessend der erste von zwei geplanten zu den Catlins. Viel Spass!

English Version:

My last 1.5 days in Dunedin were awesome! First I had to finish my business with the IRD and my Tax-refund. So I did go there, cause some phrases of the formula were quite unclear to myself. With the combined power of knowledge and drive we conquered the sheets in 10 minutes! Hopefully everything is at its right place. Now it can take up to 10 weeks till my 150 Dollar are to be seen on my balance. After that I had to send a parcel back home, for my Backpack got quite heavy with all the books I bought here^^. Back in Christchurch I was told, it would only cost me 15 bucks to send a 3kg parcel to Germany, but somehow this rule doesn’t seem to apply in Dunedin^^. So I paid 90 fucking Dollar… That got me quite unexpected. However it’s worth it and as long as my parcel wouldn’t take 1,5 months like my postcards it’s ok. In fact now I know that it only remained 10 days between Dunedin and its destination^^. For I planned to go to the Catlins after Dunedin and following to Rakiura, I needed to prepare myself and equip with supplies as well as a gascooker and pots and stuff, which I bought at the local Outdoor store for a 100 Dollars (20$ discount Yihaa!). For my last night at Pennys than, we had planned to do a Pizza night, with – believe it or not – 11 Pizzas, made from scratch, means, kneading the dough, doing the tomato sauce by ourselves and cover the pizza as we like them. One tray for everyone. In the end we only paid 5 Dollars each. Probably the best day I ever had in my five weeks stay in Dunedin =). Around 11 pm Sterre came over from work and together with two others we did dumpster diving one last time at the usual spot. This time, the bread aside, we got a lot of cheese which was tossed even before the date expiry! In total we got stuff out with a calculated value of around 225$. That’s fucking much but more or less to be blamed on the cheese, for they were quite expensive ones.

On the next morning, I packed my stuff (which just fitted inside, lucky me^^), said goodby to everyone and got back to the street as long as the hour was still fresh. 45 Minutes later I got picked up and brought outside Dunedin were it would be more easy to find a hitch, cause there are only two destinations, namely Invercargill via the state Highway, or the Catlins down the southern scenic route. The latter was my goal. After lifting my thump for quite a while, a Maori woman, together with her son picked me up and promised to drop me off at Balclutha the door to the Catlins, for they intended to take the Highway to Invercargill. But as we drove on, they changed their mind, basically cause they never gone through the southern scenic route! Good for me =). The landscapes were really beautiful! If I wouldn’t know that Hobbiton lies on the North Island, I would suspect Hobbits to show up every second^^. Really smooth hills, overgrown with grass for the countless sheep and cows. Awesome Forests following the steep coastline and get soaked into the misty spray of the breaking waves. We did skip all the tourist attractions, basically because I didn’t want them to be too late in Invercargill. Unfortunately the Woman had such a bad driving style (as many Kiwis though) that I really had to puke on our way! The first time, after don’t know how many years^^. But nevertheless, after that she drove a bit more cautious =).

As we got to Curio Bay – my aim for the day – I inspected the Campsite, which  unfortunately had no trees to put my Tarp on. What to do now? Free camping was an option I had in mind even before I got here, but everything was farmland and fenced, so I checked out the nearby and only Hostel there. The Lazy Dolphins Lodge by name. When I arrived, no one from the reception was there, the owner drove to Invercargill to buy supplies, and would return the next morning. Cause I had nowhere to go I stayed there and made myself comfortable on the couch, just to get sure. I met two great guys there, Agnis from the french side of Switzerland and Kyle from South Africa (travel photographer, here his blog: kylemiljof.blogspot.co.nz).
At dawn of the next morning, it was around 7:30 am, the beautiful morning woke me up, and I decided to see the sunrise down at the beach. It was so beautiful, marvelous and magical, that I basically can’t describe it. The photographs I made were the most beautiful of a sunrise ever made by myself, though no comparison to the one from Kyle – the pro^^. But anyway, you have to see them, just get on the second link in the German description (Note: Photographs will still take some days to be updated, there will be a separated message coming, when it’s done!). Still flashed by this beauty, I got back to the Hostel and met Dianne, the owner. Right after the first couple of words, I did know that she is a wonderful and understanding woman. She just took 10 bucks for the couch night, thus I booked a room for one more night (35 dollar, very beautiful Hostel), and spoke a bit with her about self-reliance and collecting rain water. Due to that I asked if she would also take in woofers, which she confirmed, and so I was allowed to stay 2 more nights for free and help her husband with the garden around the Hostel =). Fare for free, and accommodation as well + a couple of more days at a beautiful Spot! What could I ask more for?
Because we expected rain for the whole day then, we decided to drive to Slope Point, the southernmost Point on the South Island. 15k’s later a huge dark cloud cover made it’s way slowly from the west to our current location. Steep – conglomerate build cliffs and petrified wood, as well as a stunning landscape in general made us spent a lot of time and photographs there, till it finally began to rain and we had to retreat to the Hostel.
As we got there Agnis and myself decided to swim with dolphins (all for free there at the Porpoise Bay, which is the neighbor of Curio Bay), but alas, the weather conditions weren’t the best one, that’s probably why they stayed away, though we saw them in the distance. But from reliable reports I know that they can come close up to 2 m.
Before I forget it again, the night before we saw penguins right at sunset, though they were quite far away. But still cool to have that moment. The petrified forest there was worth a see as well, for you really see the logs, as they were buried 170 million years ago.

For the rest of my time spend there, see the following blog entry =).


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