Dunedin II

Deutsche Version:

Wuhuu, es gibt nen neuen Beitrag! Immer noch Dunedin, aber mal ein paar andere Ecken samt ein paar Informationen was die Arbeitswelt anbelangt. Bilder werden noch folgen, vllt. sogar schon in den naechsten Tagen! Ich gebe mein Bestes^^.

Englisch Version:

My second Entry for Dunedin! This time I explored a bit the southern territories, together with Sterre, the Dutch girl I met at the Luminate-Festival. We went to St. Clair, a beach town with many surfer and good waves. The Location reminded me on New Brighton and Lyttelton in Christchurch. Probably because the landscape is basically the same, and consists of Basalt as well. But southern Dunedin has much more charme, due to it’s very old and Victorian houses, a lot of trees, and the hills there.

With the end of February Mike declared his return and our reunion here in the Hostel. After three weeks of separate ways, we could have some nice chit-chats and celebrate his birthday together! I liked the time alone, but somehow it’s nice to have him again around me =). But nevertheless will I go on alone I reckon. At least in terms of Stuart Island, though he wants to go there as well. But I feel the need to go my own ways and see if I improved in certain things =).

Together with Asa (a Chinese girl and Manga/Anime Otaku), we went to the Armageddon Expo here in south Dunedin. It was way smaller then the conventions in Germany but quite nice to have some kindred spirits around ya :D. The Highlight was a Cosplay contest, with some good and some not that good costumes. My favorite one was but the one from Asa, as she disguised herself as Tauriel from the Hobbit trilogy. In my opinion she would have made the first place if she would have participated =). The photographs are linked in the German Version, right above this here. If you are more interested in her Cosplays, she did other Characters as well! Check out her Facebook-page!

In terms of Jobs, I haven’t found anything, despite me dropping off countless CV’s. I never got from anyone even a refusal! No reply from no one! Instead of just telling them what they get to know from my A4 CV they’ll take the impersonal way to get my paper and do nothing. From there employees everyone wants full flexibility, but if someone like me – without owning a mobile phone or having a drivers license – comes by to look for an earnest job, they can’t be the least flexible and send me a refusal via Mail. Such imbecility!
When I got to Dunedin I tried to get a job via Tradestaff and received the probably worst gaze I ever received just because I told her that I don’t have a cellphone. A gaze consisting of astonishment, contempt and being irritated. I felt disgusted by that myself. When the lady learned that I don’t have a drivers license as well I could basically pack my things and go. It’s astonishingly how dependent humans can get. Without these two variables I can’t find a proper job it seems. So I will probably do the apple season to gain some money!
But my revenge on the system should follow! Together with some guys and girls from the Hostel we made our way in the midst of night to some containers of Supermarkets, for a little midnight shopping. We basically freed the still good food from there and took it along. Of course we left the place in the same respect we found it, and we didn’t destroy anything! So we gathered a lot of bread with a calculated value of around 80 NZ$ and a lot of really good and flawless apples, some apricots, oranges, plums and kiwis! What a feast! After returning to the Hostel, everything was hand washed by us, not only the fruits, but the sealed bread as well, just to get sure that all of the probable germs are washed off, which could have evolved inside the bin. Of course we only took the best quality goods, and left the rest there. Our food supply is covered for the next days =). We could even feed the whole Hostel, so much bread was gathered by us, and there was even more, but way too much for our needs.

That is basically everything to report about. The next entry would subject the upcoming fringe-Festival here in Dunedin, for which I’m pretty much exited! Look forward to it! Photographs for this topic and the last ones will probably handed in in the next days!


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