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Und schon folgt der zweite Streich, damit bin ich jetzt wieder auf dem aktuellen Stand! Hier findet sich der Artikel zu Dunedin, wie im letzten Beitrag gilt, dass die Bilder noch nachgereicht werden.
Btw. habe ich gerade einen interessanten Artiekl im Spiegel gelesen, wo es auch um Reisen ging, jedoch mit Kindern im schulfaehigen Alter. Interessierte koennen sich dies mal durchlesen und auch hier auf den Blog der Familie schauen, wo es vorallem um Fotographie geht. Echt geile Bilder, bin sofort Fan und Abbonent geworden! Sehr zu empfehlen. Koennte mir auch vorstellen als Naturfotograph spaeter zu arbeiten und die Welt zu bereisen. Zwar fehlt mir dazu noch das Know-how, sowie die richtige Ausruestung, aber ich werde es mal im Hinterkopf behalten =). Man lernt ja nie aus!

English Version:

Finally I got to Dunedin, after a small detour to Wanaka for visiting a friend I became acquainted with in Christchurch. After a long hitch hiking day to my final destination, I checked in the ‚Pennys Backpackers‘ in, where I booked two nights – cause I originally planned to woof in Dunedin regarding monetary reasons. It’s quite a cheap Hostel and also BBH Member. For a dorm bed you pay 22 Dollar and have WiFi and Internet unlimited for free, which is great to update the Blog! It’s really familiar here and I like the atmosphere + the Manager are really nice and helpful.
After me discharging my stuff in my room, I decided to check out the nearer vicinity especially the Octagon. Basically nothing special, but I like the geometry in which it is build. There were even some Japanese Restaurants in which I got in one of these to eat something for supper. As an appetizer I’ve chosen a chicken soup – the most delicious one I’ve ever ate – and for the main dish I ordered a Ramen soup which was quite good and got myself some green tee, which was on the house; after I told them how much I enjoyed the food on Japanese! I even wanted to work there, hence I talked to the Chef who told me to drop my CV off the next day. I felt good and spent the rest of the evening in working my CV out. On the next day however, I got to know that he won’t hire me because of my beard. I offered to even work for free, just for the sake of learning about Japanese dishes, but even that was rejected.
But anyway, there are a lot of Restaurants in Dunedin where I dropped off other copies of my CV – til now without success though. But I may have a chance to work at a new Restaurant which opens up on the third of March. It’s a Pizza one in which I applied as a cook, or basically as a Pizza maker. I told the office lady, that I have experience in cooking, baking, and creating Pizza. In the next days I expect some positive reply^^.

As I had to extend my stay with the Backpackers I even got a discount. Instead of paying the 22$ per night (BBH price) I only had to pay 20$ and when I extended another time for 2 days only 15$ per night. Awesome! As I said the Manager are quite good persons! And finally I was able to get employed as a woofer for them, and doing the beds for 1 to 1,5 hours a day. I like it!

I got a bit around in Dunedin as well. For short term visitors I could recommend the Otago Museum right at the University (which is also a must see), and the botanic garden, which all three are located north, beginning at the end of the Princess Street, the main road and shopping mile. Furthermore should you visit the Otago Peninsula where one could observe penguins, seals and huge Albatrosses as well. It has yet to come, me going there, but I already heard some good stuff from people in the Hostel.
For now I will concentrate on finding a job and forging my English skills, in terms of vocabulary learning. It always frustrates me when it comes to deeper conversation where I always discover a lack of words.

The next Blog entry could take some time, as well as the attached photographs. I love the Victorian buildings, like the churches, cathedrals and University Buildings in there limestone and basalt front. Look forward to them =).


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