Deutsche Version:

Habs geschafft nen Beitrag ueber Nelson zu verfassen, jene Stadt die ich vor Dunedin und nach dem Luminate-Festival besucht habe. Bilder kann ich derzeit leider noch nicht online stellen, da ich diese nicht komprimieren kann. Wenn ich keine Loesung finde, kann das noch nen weilchen dauern bis ich diese nachreichen kann. Hier auf jeden Fall erstmal der Beitrag!

English Version:

After Luminate I spend 3 nights in Nelson with the Aurora Backpackers Hostel, the cheapest one in which a night at a six bed dorm costs you only 21 Dollar with BBH. No comparison to Christchurch, or Wanaka. Though the bed was real shit. When I laid in it, the rims of the mattress closed of with my body, it was like in a hammock. I didn’t enjoy the nights like I used to, sleeping on hard ground. But anyway. Apart of that the Hostel is quite okay. There is even an Internet Cafe associated with the Hostel, in which residents only have to pay half the regular price.

Nelson itself is very nice and has a beautiful city center and even a good bookstore (I mean a real one not like Paperplus or Whiteouts), where I nearly couldn’t resist to buy some new books! But in respect of my overfilled backpack + my decreasing money (this time only 120$ left) there were two arguments standing in my and the books way!
I visited the church and afterwards the center of New Zealand where beautiful photographs originated. A mountain top from which one has a really great overview of Nelson, the coastline of the Abel-Tasman and the back of Nelson. I spent half an hour up there and could have tramped over the mountains and forests. I had really a mind to just walk and don’t care about anything. But I couldn’t, cause I wasn’t prepared at all^^.

Later this day – back at the Hostel – Stefan wrote me if I wanna join him to the Waitangi feast in Nelson. I met Stefan at the Luminate-Festival, he was our neighbor at the campsite and it transpired that he is a fairly good guy, who travelled among others to Nepal. So I joined him without objections. Waitangi is btw. the day at which the Maori resolved the treaty with the white settlers over the reign of New Zealand.
It was a huge feast with lots and lots of food stalls of different nations, like Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Greek and Asian countries. Good food for reasonable prices! After this we got to the 5 min distant Japanese garden.

Apart from this nothing else noteworthy happened there. Unfortunately I can’t compress the photographs now, so it will probably take some more time till you can marvel at them^^.


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