Deutsche Version:

Heute bin ich nach nem langen Tag endlich in Dunedin angekommen und habe mich auch sofort an die Arbeit gemacht die letzten Wochen aufzuholen! Hier schonmal Teil I des Luminate-Festival Berichts. Teil II wird morgen folgen und an dieser Stelle verlinkt werden, muesst also selbst vorbeischauen, da Abbonenten nicht benachrichtigt werden =).

Nachtrag, Teil II ist jetzt online und recht lang geworden. Hier nachzulesen, inklusive Bilder (aber erst den Text lesen sonst verderbt ihr euch die Ueberraschung!)

English Version:

Luminate was fantastic! I won’t get into details here because it’s way to much to talk about, but just hit the Website and get further Intel if you like!

First of all, let me say, that I really appreciate the festival philosophy! No waste, no alcohol! First means, that there aren’t any trash bins on the festival ground and each and everyone has to care about there trash, and take it along back home. Not even at the village market, where were lots of food stalls, we got any plastic plates/cutlery/or cups. Everyone – by purchasing food – has to bring ones own stuff! Extraordinary, never heard or thought of something like this, and the best was – it worked perfectly! Everyone stuck to the rule and in the whole 8 days, I only saw 2 cans on the whole festival ground. The aim surely is to minimize ones waste and being considerate of how much we produce and eventually waste.
The second rule was no alcohol. Not because it could be purchased at the market (no, not even there), but more because it is a family festival as well. From infants to pensioners every age was represented, albeit my generation (20 to 27) led the highest percentage. Therefore who won’t abide to this rule, would be thrown out from the festival without any refund. There were even controls at the entrance though not quite serious ones. Hence, some smuggled a few bottles of beer inside, but as long as it is no hard stuff, and one doesn’t get drunk and offensive everything’s fine.
That would lead me to the next subject, during the whole time, with around 4.000 hippie-isch people, there were basically no arguments, though some would be considered as quite high, due to LSD, weed, or acid. But this was more in the shadows. All people, whether young or old was like a big family. One immediately felt home (well maybe not in my case, cause normally I avoid huge heaps of humans, but eventually I could relax too).

Everyone was free to do what they wanted to do, that ads nudist runs and dancing as well, where I participated in the latter. On the fifth day, after it rained for a whole day, the area right in front of the live-stage was just a huge puddle of mud, where some people couldn’t resist to throw themselves in it, with, or without clothes. Photographs (which you can see at the second link in the German description) would be proof of that :D. Nobody got or felt offended by this campaign, not the spectators, nor the children/parents. After this I had to walk naked throughout half of the festival area and get under the nudist shower. An exposed, spring-fed one, where everyone could look down to. But anyway, 8 degree cold water, 10 degree air temperature, deep clouds with occasionally rain, 15 minutes showering, and after this back into warm clothes and purchasing a hot tee. What could be better? Right only little.

Another big aspect of Luminate was a vast variety of Workshops, which themes ranged from gardening, over healing and sport activities, to some lectures for your mind. As mentioned before, I won’t go into detail, every Workshop is shortly prescribed at the homepage of Luminate, which I linked at the start.
Anyway, there were quite some interesting ones for me, what I had known before, cause that was the main reason I even got there :D. I learned some new stuff about permaculture, gardening, getting in balance again, and got some alternative views. It’s always good to widen ones own horizon.
I could recommend to everyone to visit this festival if you have the chance to. Especially because of the mentioned festival philosophy and happy free spirits. Even the toilets were 100 percent compost toilets, which didn’t even reek that much and were – despite of 4.000 people – always clean!


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