Fruit picking in Neuseeland

Deutsche Version:

Ahoi zurueck! Nach langer Zeit mal wieder ein Update, da ich gerade Zeit gefunden habe =). Ein recht langer Beitrag diesmal aber nichts im Vergleich zu dem was als naechstes kommen wird, was das sein wird, koennt ihr im verlinkten Artikel lesen! Bis denn dann!

English Version:

How to begin? Right, Fruit picking is a good labor when it comes to money, some of us can earn up to 2,500 Dollar a week, but of course only the highly experienced ones, like some Canadians who’re doing this for years and following the seasons throughout the globe^^. For us newcomers a grand a week is fine :D.

In general it’s not really physical hard but more, cause of the heat and regularities psychological hard work. We were employed by the nzcherrycorp. which is the only orchard who hires labors even after the beginning of the season. Per bucket you’ll get 6 $, but there are 8 and 10 $ trees as well, though we only experienced once 8 $ trees, which was a mistake by the administration, but they paid us the extra money anyway^^. Personally I don’t know the differences between these classifications, but I reckon the longer the season is going, the higher the chance of some higher rated buckets. At least my anticipation^^.

The days here are routine now. Standing up at around half past 5, getting ready for the day and start work around 6 til open end. 7 days a week. Depends highly on the weather, cause we close the gates when temperature rises to 28 degrees which happens quite often, sometimes even before noon. But there were also days when we worked for 11 hours.
To be picked are only the big and dark cherries with stamps and no bruises. They’re very picky about this, so that some are already fired, though they had enough chances to adjust there methods. The Supervisors and Quality Checkers are very nice and it’s a great working atmosphere there, cause they’re Backpackers as well and one can have good conversations with ‚em.

In general I’ll pick around 25 to 30 buckets a day, my record though was 35, while the french Canadians get there 50+ buckets. For me i’ts enough I don’t want to work my ass to death and prospects to a grand a week is fair enough.
In our second week we reached the 1,200 Dollar mark, but from the third week onward I don’t have any motivation left to pick as much as I can, hence I take it slow =). Sometimes taking it slow is not so bad, ain’t it? Everything I gather from now on is a plus on my account, I’m expecting around 750$ net after this.

For my next entry there will be something special, cause we decided to go to Nelson to the Luminate-Festival, some kind of Hippie/Alternative/Eco festival with lots and lots of workshops which are free after you purchased the ticket (250 Dollar now), but this just as a teaser, more information will follow when the time is right.

See ya

Vagabond =)


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