Nachtrag zum Moke Lake/Edit to Lake Moke

Deutsche Version:

Da es sich nicht lohnen wuerde einen gesonderten Beitrag zu verfassen habe ich den letzten editiert, was ihr dann hier nachlesen koennt. Bilder konnte ich zum Glueck doch online stellen! Ansonsten noch allen ein gesundes Neues Jahr und bis bald!

English Version:

Hello everyone, im hijacking Roberts Blog for a special guest entry. Hi my names Mike, Im from Melbourne, Australia and after working as a Carpenter in dreary Christchurch for more than 6 months, im putting the money i earned to good use and traveling around New Zealand. Firstly i must say its been a pleasure to travel with The Beard and Robert…

Well Introductions aside, New years Eve was an eventful night we spent our time down by the waterfront of lake Wakatipu in the town of Queenstown. People were everywhere and the streets were buzzing with people excited to see the new year. We had Dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Robert recommended the Ramen soup, i was not in the least disappointed, It was delicious! I couldn’t resist trying some Japanese rice wine called Sake which went down sooo smoothly, i had to resist my temptation to drink it all night long so we decided to head to the lakefront, despite the wet and windy weather people carried on with vigor, there was a stage with live music which arms and legs couldn’t resist to move along to,  pubs and cafe’s were overflowing and everyone was eagerly awaiting the fireworks display. We entered a pub with a live band and listened awhile, there we unexpectedly ran into some friends from Kiwi Base-camp and talked about our fruit picking plans and good old times in Christchurch, I had a few sneaky pints to quench my thirst. Time flew past and it was closing in around Mid Night, we left the pub and went lakeside to join hundreds of people waiting in suspense.

The clocked turned to 12 and the dark cloudy sky burst into explosive, brilliant colors. We and hundreds of other people surrounding us on the lake watched in awe at fireworks launching into the sky with bang! After The excitement was over we headed decided to save our money and sleep like gypsy’s in my car on the streets of Queenstown rather than pay for the caravan park but not before having a pretty damn big pizza at fat badger restaurant. There’s no better way to start the year than with a big cheesy pizza!

In the morning we awoke early packed up the car and made our way to Moke Lake. On the way we stopped off at Wilson’s bay a beach on lake wakatipu, there we layed in the sun and played guitar. After we arrived to Moke Lake a stunning Valley Surrounded by high Mountains. The weather was warm and sunny with clear skies. We swam in the Lake and i decided to challenge my swimming skills and swim out to land point in the middle of the lake and back to shore. It took about 20 minutes and first time across when i was about halfway, i thought wow, Ive over estimated my abilities, but i remained calm and made it across although i had to push myself with tired arms and legs. In the Afternoon after some lunch Robert said to me are we still going to climb that Mountain and with some reluctance i agreed. It was a steep hike but i was surprised how quickly we conquered such great heights, we followed the paths of the sheep and picked the easiest ways up at times zig zagging across the mountain. The views at the top were a marvel. We took some photo’s after some excited high fives of congratulation. We made our way back down to camp for some well earn‘ t dinner.

All the Best for the New year to all Roberts blog follower’s and keep challenging yourselves!

Ps: The pictures are attached to the first link in the German description which i have no idea how to read, My attempts to learn German have been appalling lol. Peace out!


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