Zum letzten Mal in diesem Jahr/For the last time this year

Deutsche Version:

Ich habs doch nochmal geschafft alle Kraefte zu mobilisieren und am letzten Tag des Jahres gleich zwei Beitrage rauszuhauen! Chaka! Sind nicht sonderlich lang, sollte also recht schnell gelesen sein^^. Den ersten findet ihr hier und den zweiten an dieser Stelle.
Bilder werden wieder etwas auf sich warten lassen und wenn dann auch nur fuer den zweiten Beitrag online gestellt. Schonmal ein gesundes und frohes neues Jahr. An dieser Stelle weise ich dezent auf meinen Neujahrsbeitrag vom Jahr 2012 hin, der hier gefunden werden kann. Bis naechstes Jahr dann =).

English Version:

OK, how do I summarize the last 5 days the best? Daniela is gone, I am sad, we found a job, it was hard and are back in Queenstown :D. Okay now a bit more detailed.
After Daniela departed to Te Anau, Mike and myself were gone off to Cromwell to find us a job as a fruit picker. We were really confident in finding one, but as we got there, and asked around we only received refusals. We asked at least at 15 farms but everyone gave us the same reply: „we’re currently not in need for new workers“. A woman explained the reason to us, it’s very simple. They have way too many applications and that for the first time ever. There are lots of south American people here, what may because of the W&H Visa. We thought that right between Christmas and New Years we would easily get a job, but no. In the end the day was wasted and fruitless. We got down to the river and chilled out before we looked for a campsite, btw. the only public one in Cromwell. Kinda shabby and a way too small facilities, plus no community room, and the kitchen gets closed at 10 pm. I don’t want to go there again^^.

On the next day we wanted to try again and ask at NZCherry Corp. for which we applied online for. Mike got a reply, while I had to wait for mine. So we decided to just go there and ask personally. After some waiting time we really got a job, although I didn’t really feel that comfortable about it. But it’s just for a couple of weeks anyway. More details for the job you’ll find in my next entry which can take two weeks, cause we have to work at least 10 hours a day, 7 days a week and the Internet in the Library isn’t for free again. I hope I get through it without going nuts^^.

After this, we decided to go back to Queenstown, cause we couldn’t reach Daniela (we liked to visit her and spend New Years together). We got to Moke Lake a bit outside of Queenstown, for ten Bucks a night. It’s operated by the DOC, so it has some comfort, but no showers. The Landscape is beautiful and you have a good view for the stars. It’s located directly in the alps. On our second day we decided to walk the Moke Lake Trail around the lake and to try some fishing as well. We even saw a lot of rainbow trouts, but fortune wasn’t on our side this day. We would need a fly fishing rod, but anyway, it was fun and time flew by, while we spend around three hours with the attempt to catch us some fish for supper. We still had enough to eat though, so it doesn’t hurt too much, that we hadn’t caught anything.
Last Night we were surprised by a downfall of rain. Luckily we slept in the car. Everyone who dared to do in their tent, got wet, because the ground their is very rich in clay and won’t suck in the water. A lot of pits formed during the next hours and we decided to go back to Queenstown for now, before we won’t be able to get back there anytime soon^^. I’d like to stay for the next day in the hostel just to get well again (caught a cold). I am not very confident to find a room, cause it should still be outbooked over New Years Eve. But maybe we are lucky =).

Anyway, all the best for 2015! See ya next year =). Photographs for the second link above (Moke Lake) will be updated as soon as I can, but it may take some time.

Vagabond =)


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