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Ich habe mich letztlich fuer die Option entschieden, die ich zuerst gar nicht in Erwaegung gezogen habe, naemlich mit den anderen beiden Chaoten nach Queenstown zu ziehen um dort Weihnachten zu verbringen, was wir ansich nicht so zelebrierten wie in Deutschland (was klar ist, bei dem Wetter). Hier kann dazu der Bericht und ein paar Bilder eingesehen werden. Viel spass beim lesen! Ich hoffe dass alle soweit nen schoenes Weihnachtsfest hatten und sich reich beschenken liessen, ich wurde zumindest mit meinem Studienabschluss beschenkt, mehr dazu kann im Beitrag selbst eingesehen werden. Genug der Spoiler, Vorhang auf :D.

Falls ich es vorher nicht mehr schaffe, schonmal vorsorglich einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2015!

English Version:

For some photographs see the Link above. On my last day in Wanaka I tried to figure out what I should do. I had some options but none of them was very good to begin with. So in lack of a good plan I decided spontaneously to join Mike and Daniela to Queenstown, what I wanted to avoid to begin with, cause a 10 man group is coming from the Kiwi Basecamp in ChCh, with two guys I don’t want to see again^^. The rest is quite easygoing. Whatever, we decided to camp a bit apart of them anyway, so it was fine for me.
Before they arrived, we explored Queenstown for a bit and I have to admit that it is a real nice city, except of the numerous peoples here. The beaches, from which Queenstown has a lot, with beautiful clear water and gorgeous Willows, are fucking crowded. Nothing for a guy like me. I guess that – apart of the seasons – Queenstown is far more enjoyable. I will get back again here anyway, when I get myself some more money (for which I wanna go to Cromwell with Mike on Saturday). For now it’s just some holidays so that I skip the attractions.

On our day of arrival I also got the notice by my mother that my certificate and degree from my University arrived back home! I am officially a Geologist now! I graduated with 1.9 what I am pretty proud off. Could be better though but I won’t lament :D. For that reason I treated the others for a drink in a Bar with live music. We also met an Aussie (Australian) couple which was quite generous and paid for some more drinks for my fellows. I declined with special thanks though.
As the bar closed it’s doors at half past 12 we decided to get us the famous ‚Fergburger‘. During the day lots and lots of people stood in a 20 m line just to taste one of them. Normally I would say that such a store is just living by its name, but no, there is a lot of substance behind it, as we got to know when we tasted one. Even in the midst of the night there were still so many people there. It’s crazy. They have to earn some fortunes during the day. The Basic Cheeseburger was 12$, pretty expensive but well invested money. The size is about double of a normal cheeseburger in length as in wide. I didn’t eat that much during the day, but I was stuffed right after half of the Burger. The Fries I ordered as well were too much for my stomach, so I gave them to the others. In the end we got happily back to the campsite. The weather is by the way phenomenal. Way to hot for me though. No clouds, sun all the day and nearly no breeze. Well I am here for holiday so it’s okay, but if I was about to hike here I would die – seriously^^.

I even encountered to some Japanese Restaurants, which also had something beside Sushi! So I tried on my second day some Ramen noodles. The first ones out of Japan itself, and they were quite good. I should have picked Miso-soup as a basis, instead of the Soy-sauce but anyway. Afterwards I was in need of Water^^. I met up with Daniela and we went to an Indian Restaurant were I cleared 1,5 or 2 l of table water, 1 Mango Lassie and one Apple Juice. Man that was harsh!

What is there else to talk about? Nothing in particular but the Peter Pan’s, which I should recommend! It is some sort of free backpackers Internet Cafe! Means you can get there registered for 2$ and use the Computers for free and as long as you wish! Fantastic! As far as I know, there are only two subsidiaries in New Zealand – Auckland and Queenstown. Besides to theses two it is very common in Australia and even in Thailand, Laos, Fiji and other countries you can find it. I heard in Germany too, although I never heard of it before. Maybe just in the bigger cities.

Well that’s it for now. On Saturday Mike and myself will get our asses to Cromwell and look for a job as fruit picker. Augustin said that there are vacancies for Cherry picking, and that one will get 9$ for a 5l bucket of cherries, and that one is able to clear two in an hour. You can calculate what we could earn for a 10 hours day, though it won’t be that easy as I imagine. But anyway. More of it in my next Blog entry, which could take some time. Happy new Year if I won’t be able to write before New Years Eve. Get a good start in 2015!

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