Deutsche Version:

Zeit fuer einen neuen Beitrag und schonmal frohe Weihnachten an alle meine Leser, da ich morgen voraussichtlich nicht online kommen kann. Hier koennen Bilder und ein Bericht zu Wanaka eingesehen werden =). Bis demnaechst!

Mittlerweile sind auch Bilder fuer die anderen Beitraege nachgereicht worden.

English Version:

After we got off from Tekapo, our next destination was Wanaka in Otago, what is quite near to Cromwell and Alexandra, where I want to fruitpick in the end. We called some Hostels from Tekapo but unfortunately it took some time for us to find one. Eventually we got a bed in the ‚Base Wanaka‘ a sterile and not so familiar accommodation. I don’t like it that much here but it’s okay for just staying overnight.
The first night we got into a bar to celebrate Augustins departure on the next day and play some pool. He would set off to Queenstown via hitch hiking the next day what worked very good. We just got him out of the town and not another 30 seconds later someone stopped to pick him up! Nearly a new record^^. The rest of the day we mostly relaxed, the weather was bad anyway.

On our second day we made a trip to Mt. Iron where most of the photographs were made (see the link in the German Version). It was fantastic, although the way up there wasn’t that hard and long. But the view was great especially when you have a wall of rain on the one – and nice sunny but cloudy weather on the other side. We made some fun for about 30 minutes and decided than to get down again.
On our third day we got a bit around the lake itself, accompanied by a clear blue sky and good temperatures. Mike and another German from the Hostel stayed at the beach right in Wanaka, while Daniela and me did a little trip. We got till ‚Beacon Point‘ and saw some cute beaches on our way. When we got back we ate dinner in a nice and cute Indian restaurant and got afterwards to the Irish pub which is just one minute from the Hostel.

Till now there is not much to say about Wanaka except that it’s a really nice and good looking town. No comparison to Christchurch! I would like to stay here even longer, but we’ll see what happens. Today would be some BBQ on on of the lonely beaches (this time it’s official^^).

See you soon

Vagabond =)


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