Vagabund auf Reisen/Vagabond on Tour II

Deutsche Version

Hier nun der Beitrag zu Lake Tekapo, viel spass beim lesen =).  Bilder stelle ich in den naechsten Stunden online! Bin selbst gerade in Wanaka und fahre hier wahrscheinlich am 23. Dezember los, mit bisher ohne Ziel^^. Mal schauen was sich ergibt. Manchmal muss man auch spontan sein =).

Nachtrag: Bilder verzoegern sich noch um ein paar Tage, der PC von Mike nimmt meine SD Karte nicht an…

Nachtrag 2: Bilder sind jetzt online, fuer die letzten beiden Beitraege!

English Version

will follow in the next hours… Sorry again^^. Photographs will be delayed for a couple of days, cause of a non recognition of my SD Card…

Finally I am able to write some summary here! As we got out of Christchurch (Fucking Yes!) we drove to Tekapo via Ashburton and than to the west, over the plains and the upcoming hills. The weather was okay, quite cloudy but at least not too warm.

When we got to Tekapo itself (after about 3h ride, 250k’s), we pretty much enjoyed the landscapes. The first times I could see some snow-covered mountains + the lake and fucking beautiful clouds (I have a fetish for clouds, as you will see in the photographs which are updated by now for the last entries!).
As we looked for some place to stay (over Christmas and New Year it’s almost impossible to get some beds in a hostel) we discovered a campsite which only would cost us 5$ per night and person. But in fact, when we got there, nobody charged anything, so we camped for free for two nights! Awesome :D. We weren’t the only ones there, some other campers enjoyed the view as well. If you want to go there as well just get out of Tekapo to the west and take the first one right and follow it about 10 minutes (by car obviously, I bet by foot it would take you about 45 mins). You can’t miss it^^, It’s right on the beach.
So we put up our tents and tarps and prepared some meal for dinner. Therefore we got to 4 square before that and bought ingredients for some wraps. Like Onions, Chicken, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Caprice and some herbs. For that we made some campfire and cooked all this slowly in a pan. Tasted awesome! Later this day we even tried to set a foot into the lake, and it was fucking cold to begin with. I would guess about 10 degrees Celsius^^. If you’re in it for ten minutes it gets rather warm, so it was quite okay :D. Mike, Augustin and me were the only ones who dared to swim there. We ended the night with two american girls who we invited to our campfire. Unfortunately the sky was cloudy and a bit rainy, so we couldn’t see the starry night, for which Tekapo is so famous for.

For the next day we planned to do some hiking along the lake coast and made some nice group- and landscape photographs as well. The adventure part was, to get over some water on top of „bearded trees“. For ten meters of water crossing it took us 10 minutes to get over the branches and the shrubs. But it was so amazing to feel like a cup again and explore your surroundings. Surprisingly the color of the hairy trees matched the one of my beard which was quite interesting :D. Nevertheless we decided (because we care about our accompanying woman’s) to just cross the water at some shallow side^^.
We continued along the coast and eventually Mike, Daniela and myself got to some fancy house with a beautiful view over the mountains and the lake. It wasn’t occupied and seemed like some vacation flat. It even had some BBQ there and the two of them decided to do some the next day. I thought they were just kidding but they meant it as I discovered the next day when they got to the supermarket^^. Somehow I tagged along but I felt very weird and uncomfortable cause it may be not allowed :D. I was so paranoid like somebody could show up every minute and sue us or call the police or whatever^^. But in the end I enjoyed it as well. Especially when we got naked into the Lake after we ate. It wasn’t that cold like at the first day but quite refreshing.

By the way. We saw the beautiful starry night on our second night there! Awesome! No Clouds, no sounds, no lights – just the universe and us. I even stayed longer at the beach where we watched the stars and it was then, only the vast universe and my tiny little self. When you lie down and observe them there so clear to see, so beautiful, so big. Unfortunately my camera is not good enough to do some pics of them but just Google them or imagine you lying on the beach with closed eyes and observe this scenery.

Right now we’re in Wanaka for one more night (in total 5), and it’s totally recommendable. So beautiful. Alas we split up here and go different ways. While Mike and Daniela head over to Queenstown (Augustin already went), I have not decided what to do. Maybe going on a hike or head over to Cromwell or Alaxandra for job purposes.

See you next time! Don’t miss the photographs!

Vagabond =)


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