Vagabund auf Reisen/Vagabond on Tour I

Deutsche Version:

Hab noch einen kleinen Beitrag ueber den ersten Teil der jetzigen Reise verfassen koennen, Teil II mit Tekapo folgt dann noch. Hier kann der besagte Artikel gelesen werden =). Bis demnaechst!

English Version:

Due of a lack of time it will follow right here in some days… Sorry^^.

First things first =). The departure from Christchurch was rather slow, so that we (Hugo a Frenchman and our driver, Noelia, an Argentinian Woman, Daniela a German Woman, Augustin another Argentinian, and myself) made some detours till we finally were on our way to Akaroa. Although I was there for one week, excitement swirled up inside me. Not only because of Akaroa, but also because I am out of this goddamned city :D. I hope I never see it again! All of the guys are fantastic and easy going so that traveling would be a guaranteed fun.
With the car fully cramped and packed to the ceiling we got first to the beach, about half way between Christchurch and Akaroa. We had plenty of time and it was just on noon, so time to make some lunch, while some hungry seagulls lusted for our food around us. We stayed there for about one hour and got back to the car to continue our journey. The scenery was beautiful as always. After 2 Weeks of shitty weather in Christchurch we departed at the first day with sun and good temperatures. We made another small stop right at the Hilltop Tavern to take some photographs (pick the link in the upper part of this entry and scroll down to the end of the German Article). When we reached this small harbor paradise Daniela and me checked in to the Chez la Mer Hostel, where I once stayed for one week. It felt good to be „home“ again, cause I (and Daniela too) liked it very much. So familiar, friendly and easy going.

As we wanted to depart the next day, Noelia called us and said that there are problems with the car, cause the radiator overheats and can’t take the steep hills properly. We looked for a mechanic at the gas station, but in the end we had to drive back to Christchurch again to fix it properly…. I screamed to myself! ChCh is like a huge magnet, we felt like we could never get off of this city, we would always be pulled back. But we couldn’t change the circumstances, that’s why we had to grin and bear with it.
The ride there took about 3 hours because we always had to stop, while the radiator cooled down. Well, we had time and the longer it takes to ChCh the better it is :D. When we arrived I decided to not get back to the Kiwi Basecamp Hostel but to see the other Hostel on the other side of Bealey Ave., named ‚Rucksacker‘. It’s a decent place and a bit cheaper than the Basecamp. Unfortunately we had a room right in front of the street so I barely slept at all… But we had quite some fun!

We even had a Japanese roommate, and I was so excited. He was the first one I met in ChCh and he has the same interest like me with Anime and Manga, mostly the same taste and also knows Yui the one musician I like the most.
In the evening Daniela and me decided to eat in a fancy restaurant (probably Thai). It’s the firts time I had Thai-food and the spices require some experience , to handle the heat:D.

That’s it for the first two days, on the next one we should finally see Lake Tekapo, or as we call it ‚Lake Take a Poo‘ =).


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