Jobs Jobs Jobs (no, not Steve Jobs!). I don’t even want Steve’s Job!

Deutsche Version:

Ich denke mit diesem Beitrag habe ich wohl einen meiner Besten verfasst, natuerlich aus meiner eigenen subjektiven Sicht heraus. Dafuer hab ich jetzt zwei Stunden meines wertvollen Schlafes geopfert (wir haben es jetzt 00:45 Uhr), da mir die Worte vorm schlafen im Mund lagen und ich sie einfach aufschreiben musste^^. Nachts kann ich eh am besten denken.
Das fertige Werk kann dann hier gelesen werden. Demnaechst wird noch ein Beitrag der etwas anderen Art folgen.

English Version:

I spent two hours of my precious slumber to write a German article which I try to summarize now so that I may transport the same feeling and aspiration into the English words. Will probably take another hour^^.
I applied for a couple of jobs now, mainly via the backpackersboard ( Most of the times I wrote to Dairy Farms but only about 10% actually replied, to tell me that they already found someone else. So it seems that this site does not really fulfill it’s duty – at least to me^^. I even tried to rewrite the apply-texts and make notches or restatements. However, can’t change the fact that nobody wants me :D.

Then, last week, I assigned to a temp-agency as I told in a prior article (Tradestaff), but they told me, that around Christmas, most companies close their gates for two weeks, and that I could expect an offer around January. Great! But I need work now :D. So I started to look for a job myself and even applied at Pak’n Save (my second last choice) as a regular laborer. But a reply has yet to come. So I will spent my remaining 55 bucks and afterwards get some supplies from my German bank account – which I originally did not want to touch.
Because of this credo I even wanted to apply for a McD. Job, for a night shift and earn me some money. But would it be wise? After all I’m woofing here in the Hostel from 10 to 12 without paying the accommodation. I would have to work from 9 pm to 6 am in the morning which would basically lead to a work and sleep life for the next month. But if I would at least get 20 bucks an hour it would be worth it! Pretty capitalistic thoughts ain’t ‚em?

But that’s the point where some different thoughts slide in. If I’m supposed just to sleep and work, I wouldn’t be able to keep in contact with the new won friends and even care about my hobbies, like strumming the guitar or read a good book, or even have normal interactions with other people, and that’s why I got here in the first place. To experience freedom and to improve myself as well.
There was also a question popping up in my mind. ‚What would Momo say, if I would waste precious time of my life (even if its just for a month), to work like a soulless robot for capitalistic needs and means?‘ For everyone who doesn’t know Momo, it’s a book (and the main character as well), written by Michael Ende, who is also responsible for the ‚Never ending story‘. Both books should be well known by everyone! Anyway, Momo would be totally against it, and so am I. It’s far more important to truly live your life, even if it takes you some disadvantages.

Additional to that I refined my deciding process. I always think things through and won’t act on a whim, especially when it comes to see both sides of the medal and compare them. On this basis I build my opinion and my decision up. Doesn’t sound like capitalistic thoughts, right?

Actually, at moments like these your true convictions and principles are gonna be tested. If one can withstand the temptations of easy money (which is a big one, especially when you’re low on it), you’ll win, if not: try to rethink your convictions and goals. Maybe they were not strong enough! But the most important thing to do is actually to think! Even if a situation might be hopeless, use your brain, stay calm, and eventually there will be a hidden path pop up, just to lead you to what you desire!

It makes me simply happy to think things through and by that, get to a decisive answer which is valid for your whole life and just ‚true‘. Sure I could imagine myself to work very hard and long, but not only for the reason of gathering as much money as I can as it would be in the case of McD. Work in my definition has to have more than just the benefit of monetary means. Otherwise I would be a soulless robot. No. A job has to be demanding and also carry some kind of added value like fun, or just the feeling that I did something great! It has to make me feel good, not empty. Absolutely no capitalistic thoughts!

But the day may come that I will be needed as a fruit picker, for which I applied for as well. That would give me some good experiences and also some money to refill my holiday fund. Hope so at least, disillusions were too many in the last 2 weeks^^.
Right under the German article I linked a Video and Lyrics for a great and fitting song for this whole topic! Check it out and get on the first link on this Post (at the German part of this text).

Vagabond =)


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2 Antworten zu Jobs Jobs Jobs (no, not Steve Jobs!). I don’t even want Steve’s Job!

  1. patricknieznanski schreibt:

    Hey Robert!
    Schade dass die Jobsuche so vergleichsweise schwierig geworden ist in ChCh. Wünsche dir viel Glück weiterhin! Ich weiß nicht, ob man das verallgemeinern kann, aber kleinere Orte, die viel auf Tourismus aus sind, haben oft offene Stellen.
    Habe selbst grade hier einen Job auf Bezahlung in Franz Josef Glacier angenommen. Bleibe hier also Januar und Februar.
    Wenn du losfährst, fährst du beziehungsweise reist du gen Süden also Timaru/Oamaru/Dunedin oder an die Westküste?
    Gruß aus dem regenreichen Franz Josef! (:

    • VagabundenReise schreibt:

      Moin Patrick, schoen von dir zu hoeren =). Ja ich werde mal schauen, die Fruitpicking Season beginnt eh bald, vielleicht finde ich hier in Wanaka auch noch was bis Neujahr. Schoen das du dann wenigstens was gefunden hast =). Bei mir gehts dann erstmal Richtung Sueden, der Rest wird dann wohl spontan entschieden^^. Nachher folgen noch ein paar Bilder, sofern ich die auf den PC bekomme :D.

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