So meine Zeit in Akaroa ist nun zu Ende und der obligatorische Beitrag dazu ist mittlerweile auch online =). Hier kann sich dieser durchgelesen werden, obwohl ich glaube, dass die vorigen beiden noch nicht mal angeruehrt wurden! Aber gut, was nicht ist, kann ja noch werden :D Jetzt bin ich erstmal wieder in Christchurch, warum koennt ihr dann im verlinkten Beitrag nachlesen^^. Anbei folgt nun die englische Zusammenfassung.

I totally recommend a trip to Akaroa and the Banks Peninsula itself, it is really worth it! It may be just a small town with only one supermarket but the Bay and also the landscapes are breathtaking. I stayed at the Chez la Mer Backpackers Hostel, which is also recommendable! It’s a small paradise where you can borrow Mountain Bikes and Fishing rods for free! Also, if you woof there, you can do a free Kayak Trip at the Bay, which i did! Normally it would cost you 20 bucks for 2 hours and 45 for 4 hours. It’s so great that something like this is possible. Although you have to be in Akaroa a bit longer to get to know such things^^. The Manager also told us if you go to a certain Bar on Weekends and say: „Daron is the King“, you“ll get 10$ discount. It’s like a secret password, which not many may know, maybe only the true inhabitants.

I also met some great fellows at the Hostel. In General it is far more quiet, remote and relaxed than in the Kiwi Basecamp in Christchurch. I liked it way better and would want to stay there even longer. Everything was so uncomplicated and easy. You could woof for just a couple of days, without having to stay for 2 weeks. You could even stay after the check-out time in the Hostel. Work there is basically the same as everywhere I think, from 10 to 12, clean everything which gets in your way :D.

As I told before I did the kayaking and it was the first time for me, and also a bit hard to steer straight ahead. But in the end it somehow worked out and I landed at the south beach of a smaller Peninsula which reaches into the bay. It was a fantastic view, at least for a geologist. I even saw a Dolphin on my way and the people in the Hostel said it was kinda rare to see them in the bay. Normally you have to get out to the sea, and other people pay a lot to see – or swim together with them. Well seems like fortune is on my side :D. Just kidding. I am desperately in search for a job. My finances are even below 200$ now. I applied for some Dairy Farm Jobs via the Backpackersboard, but replies have yet to come in.

Btw. I got to and from Akaroa by hitch hiking, what is the cheapest way to get around. And it worked surprisingly well! First time I just had to wait for 5 minutes, the second for 10 minutes, and back from Akaroa to Christchurch (where I am staying again) got me half an hour. But it was still great, cause 2 french guys picked me up in their Van. It’s rather easy to find someone, cause i met a French woman in Akaroa, who told me that she hitch hiked around the whole south island and it worked perfectly fine. I think I will do the same, especially when I have to save my money.

That’s it for now, see ya net time around!

Vagabond =)


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