Lyttelton & Tipps for my journey

Nun hab ich doch noch einen ungeplanten Beitrag verfasst, der auf Deutsch hier zu finden ist. Viel spass und bis demnaechst =).

After my last Blog entry I got by Bus to Lyttelton together with another German (called Noemi). A little port city at the nortwest edge of the Banks Peninsula. If you want to get there, just take line 28 from Central Station. The price and conditions are the same as I wrote before. The town itself is not that great to begin with. Just a small one with very steep hills (volcanic origin) and tuerkisblue Water. Lyttelton was the first spot the pilgrims from Europe arrived, and founded among others Christchurch in the middle of the 19th century. Other things you may want to know is, that Lyttelton got destroyed and demolished the most in cause of the 2011 earthquake. But today nearly no damage is still visible. Most Houses were rebuild again.

We also got afterwards (back in Christchurch) to Riccarton to buy cheese for a planned Pizza. It was quite expensive, just a bigger bag of shredded cheese and one brick for the edge, got me 20$. In Germany cheese is rather cheap, but it’s not that bad to charge more for it, cause you go to buy more consciously.
I also got some tipps for traveling in NZ. The Manager of the Hostel told us, that in Blenheim you may get paid irregulary as a fruitpicker, and that for example in Otago it is much better to work as a seasonal laborer. I wanted to head south anyway, but just as a hint for others who land in Auckland and wanted to get to Blenheim, although i can’t confirm what she said.
Anyway. My plan is to work after Akaroa for about a month in Christchurch and then afterwards (in the new year) to go to Dunedin for a couple of days and than look for a job as a fruitpicker in Otago. Rumors are afloat that one can earn up to 20$ an hour for picking in the orchard trees (like apples). Will see if reality could live up to its image^^.

I also may get me a Netbook with my first salary or as a christmas present from me to me (how fitting, I guess the surprise would be awsome!) because these 30 minute sessions in the Library are nervewrecking, and I would be more independent else. Well but that’s still distant future, so till than I have to get along with the Internet here^^.
I could also get in more detail with my english Blog entrys, but for now it’s just a summary with the most important stuff that happend.
Well then, the next article can be expected at the very end of November or the very early December, depends on my return of Akaroa. Till now weather looks good so that I can get there by foot on Monday.

See ya!

Vagabond =)


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