Christchurch Teil II

Der zweite und voraussichtlich letzte Teil der Christchurch-Saga befindet sich nun da wo auch der erste schon zu finden war! Folgen tut nun eine englische Zusammenfassung. Warum? Weil ich Lust dazu hab und es ein wenig ueben muss^^.

So, in the last few days I got over to the beach in New Brighton New Zealand. It’s a wonderfull place but kinda windy of course. If you want to get there, just take the Bus (line 5 or 40) from the central Station in Christchurch. After about 30 Minutes you’ll reach your destination. The fare was rather low to begin with. Just 3,50$ and the ticket is valid for two hours. So if it’s just a short trip you don’t have to buy another one! Thats awsome! Back in Germany fares are so expensive, so it was quite a surprise, although I had to pay 8$ from the Airport to Bealey Ave (about same distance).

I just spent about an hour in New Brighton and got along the dune trail, and back on the beach. Some of the inhabitants even got themselves in the see or tried to ride the rather low waves :D. If it wouldn’t have to be that windy I’d like to get in too, but there was no place to store my clothes and gear.

Another day I got to Riccarton, which lies west of the huge park/botanic garden. It’s a nice place to stay with surprisingly nealy no construction zones or demolished houses, which could be an effect of the suburb charakter. Almost only familiy houses which are quickly rebuild. The reason why I got there was another park (surprise! :D) in which a rest of a jungle survived the urbanization. Quite a view, although you can’t see farther than 1 meter because everything is growing wild without interfering humans! Well, that’s what you expect of a jungle anyway^^.

From now on, I’ll always write the blog entry on the main page in English, just to get a feeling for it, and also to have some guys I met take part in my journey or to give advices for the ones who are planning to get to new Zealand on a Working Holiday theme.

See you soon!

Vagabond =)


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2 Antworten zu Christchurch Teil II

  1. Hoshi schreibt:

    nooooooes, he writes in english from now on! D:
    aber den Grund kann ich verstehen ^^
    schön weiter schreiben, ja? :33

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